Jedi Order: Reforged is Looking for Players!

Hello all! I’m thrilled to announce that Jedi Order: Reforged, a persistent meta-campaign utilizing FFG’s Star Wars - Force & Destiny system, is open and recruiting!
We are a group of long-time Star Wars fans looking to weave interesting, challenging, and unforgettable Star Wars tales–with a spotlight on you: the newest class of Jedi initiates!

A decade and a half after the destruction of the Dark Lords of the Sith at Endor, Luke Skywalker has resurrected the Jedi Order, using the old Rebellion base on Yavin IV as his Jedi Temple. Disparate individuals from across the galaxy gather there, seeking to learn the ways of the Force. These Initiates will find their worldviews challenged, their morals questioned, and their abilities pushed to the brink - but if they stay true during these trials, they may one day may call themselves Knights of the Jedi Order. Remember, the Force is the great mystery in our universe, and the path to enlightenment may have many twists and no true end.

We’ve worked tirelessly to craft a truly exciting and detail-rich setting; quite different from the Canon and Legend EU you know of, and we’ve done it entirely with the players in mind. From our gameplay calculations to our story mechanisms, we’ve created this exciting platform with a focus on openness, communication, and flexibility.

To join Jedi Order: Reforged, we ask that you complete our application and send us your completed character. We’ll select the characters that we feel would best fit our meta-campaign, and get back to you to schedule an interview promptly.

Thank you, and may The Force be with you.

Link to the application Form:


The campaign sounds very interesting! I won’t be applying though, as I’m not able to participate at the moment.

I did look through the various linked documents. The timeline looks like an excellent blend of various bits of old and new canon, plus some homebrew extras.

The house rules also looked sensible, with only one point confusing me: True Aim. If the intent is indeed to “… bring the maneuver and strain economy of True Aim in line with Frenzied Attack, a comparable skill for melee combat …”, then it does not do so. RAW Frenzied Attack is an Incidental, whereas RAW True Aim is a Manoeuvre. That is why Frenzied Attack requires the Strain expenditure, and True Aim does not. (Aiming takes a bit of time and focus, attacking like a frothing maniac is fast but it is also tiring.) As that particular house rules stands right now, the two talents have not been “equalised”.

Also, the cap placed upon the Reflect talent does not synergise well with the Mastery upgrade for the Protect/Unleash power’s Protect version. Nor does it bode well for a 'sabre-wielding Jedi who is being shot at with a blaster.

Good luck with the campaign! :slight_smile: Do you intend to write it up somewhere when it’s done, or on an on-going basis?

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We’ve got our own Discord server, 8 GMs, and 50-ish players. Honestly, this post was made to test the forums here at the behest of a friend (glares at LittlestMinish), but I’m glad it engendered a response! I’d love to have it more digitally present outside of the server, but that’s a mammoth undertaking.

I hear what you’re saying about True Aim, but we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a remarkably dangerous talent to leave RAW, and that Frenzied Attack mostly is an incidental because of the presumption that, oftentimes, melee attackers’ maneuvers will be spent getting into Engaged with their target in the first place. It’s actually a bit niche for JO:R purposes, anyway, since most ranks of True Aim are outside of F&D and 95% of our players will probably never choose to pick up any AoR or EotE specializations.

Reflect’s cap is moreso a result of us capping Parry (so that a character cannot trivialize entire encounters by possessing 10 blasted ranks of Parry) and wanting to do the same with Reflect - but I’ll note that Reflect’s cap is actually substantially stronger than Parry’s, because Soak applies to the most common ranged attacks against Jedi, whereas Parry loses that Soak bonus against lightsabers. A JO:R character with Reflect 5 is, on average, mitigating 11-ish points of damage from blasters - so even baseline hits with blaster rifles are simply shrugged off.

Hello, I submitted an application and I think I was forgotten about. I submitted it early last fall. I gave up as I didn’t want to put forth the effort to nag and keep bothering. But at least I thought I’d throw a message out here for some resolution.

Hey, PM me on Discord @Chimaera#0717 - I don’t see your application in our history, so I’m thinking you may not have actually hit the button, or your username is something different here than on Discord.