Star Wars: Visions Preview

Looks pretty cool, I think.


Aye. I’m excited about this!

Hm. I should check this out!

Very excited about this.
2 things I enjoy are finally coming together.

Hadn’t heard of this until I saw this thread. Watched the video. Not at all interested.

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Holy one-upsmanship Darth Man.

I’m guessing I’m going to pick and choose what to watch. Some of it looked interesting, some of it was way too anime for me. Luke Pokemon is my first impression for some of it. Some of the anime-meets-Star Wars was way too on the nose. A little more subtlety perhaps? I like some anime, and I love Star Wars. I like some eastern influence in Star Wars (Jedi), and thought it was well done in that later Mando episode. Not sure if it mixes very well for me if it’s not subtle.

My favorite was the opening sequence, but it still was way too obviously Japanese. Until the lightsaber came out, there was nothing to say it was Star Wars vs a Japanese cartoon. But I guess that was the point. A surprise lightsaber instead of a katana. I just hope that was simply a gimic to give you a cool surprise, and the rest at least looks a tiny bit like it came from a galaxy far far away?

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This is my main concern right here. It looks like “Star Wars, but Anime” with all the tropes that Anime is known for (most of which I find take away from the show. I’m very selective with my Anime as a result).

I’m wondering how much effort will be made to have it fit in with the rest of the universe, like explain how it exists in the same canon as the other stuff we’ve seen. Are they just gonna go “The Jedi are Samurai now, don’t question it”. Or are they gonna go “This is a separate branch of the Jedi, who tend to have a more eastern set of beliefs and fighting style”?

That to me will make all the difference on if it’s an addition to the Star Wars verse, or more of a “Anime Star Wars cliche”.


From what I understand, it’s explicitly not being forced into continuity anywhere. The various creators were given pretty much free reign to create whatever stories they wanted within the Star Wars universe.


Really excited about this. The fight scenes, the art, it’s gonna be great.

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I am looking forward to it, too.
A bunch of artists and directors grasping the opportunity to tell their own little Star Wars tale. Like a book with a bunch of short stories.
I like the idea and will definetely watch it.

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I’m really interested how much they are going to be able to grasp thr Star Wars feeling (if they even want to).
Watching the Nightmare of the Wolf felt primarily anime and only secondly Witcher.
I hope it’s going to be the reverse case here

I understand your feeelings and it would be nice if it would be that way.
On the other hand would it be nice to see different ideas and approaches to the Star Wars theme even if it will not macht my Star Wars sense to a hundred percent.
I am interested in the Samurai like setting, more so than watching somebody taking a successfull movie and just copy it and selling it as new.

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I am less than six minutes away from finishing the last episode and posting my feedback (waiting for my wife to return from work), some of the episodes are :bat: :poop: crazy, and I am loving it.

Is it safe to assume everyone reading this thread has agreed to waive the “no spoilers” rule? :grinning:

Generally, “preview” or “speculation” threads are supposed to be spoiler-free. Once the piece of media actually comes out, someone usually starts a new “spoiler” or “reaction” thread.

There currently is a thread for just such reactions: Disney + Star Wars Visions

I hadn’t seen that thread, thanks for pointing it out to me, and for explaining the thread classification system. :grinning: