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Never tell me the odds.

I have an idea for a character who has amazing luck, so I am looking for specializations and talents and such that allow you to mechanically manipulate dice rolls. I’d like some perspective or opinions on aspects I’m selecting so far. I saw a picture of Marvel’s Domino recently and wondered how her powers might look in Star Wars.

He’ll be a social guy who grew up on the streets. Cool, Vigilance, the social skills (especially Deception and Charm), and Underworld Knowledge would be his go-to skills.

Obviously the Gambler spec is a must. Second Chances and the Double or Nothing series really shine here.

Force-Sensitive Exile is a good one with Uncanny Senses, Uncanny Reactions, Sense Emotions, Street Smarts, Sense Danger, Sixth Sense, Superior Reflexes, Intense Focus, Touch of Fate… These all give me a sense of being “lucky.”

Balosar, Tholothian, and Iktochi are my top choices for species. Not sure which one ties into my theme more. Balosar and Iktotchi are good for initiative rolls, but Tholothian is good for social rolls.

I want Cunning, Willpower, and Presence to be 3s. Balosar (20xp left over) and Iktotchi (10xp left over) would both require 80xp to achieve. Tholothian would require 90xp (with only 5xp left over).

He doesn’t really realize he is Force-sensitive. Or maybe within the context of the character, his connection to the Force is just where his luck originates. I guess that’s a bit like Qui Gon describing Ani’s reflexes. I think Sense and Seek are both good Force powers for this theme. They could be used almost subconsciously to simulate being lucky, ie making die rolls more in the character’s favor, especially in the Commit abilities.

Start with padawan spec, it has a cool talents in case of failure to change it to success.
Better, start as a gambler because of Unmatched Fortune signature ability

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The right side half of that spec dies have a few neat talents in it. But the left half is all about being a Jedi, and that’s not the path for this character. Sometimes I wish for the Genesys way of talent picking. (Only sometimes though.)

I’m going with Balosar species. I reread their entry in Ciphers n Masks, and it fit really well for me. And I’ll go Scoundrel (Gambler, FS Exile).

He’ll be superstitious a bit and everything he does will just be because he’s “lucky.” He’ll have a couple lucky rabbit’s foots or whatever. Lucky gundark ear; whatever.


You don’t have to buy a tree to fill it out, It’s perfectly justified to buy just one aspect of it.

It is?
Can´t remember that I read that in the rules.

I think he means “You don’t have to buy a tree with the intention to buy all or most of the talents. It’s perfectly justified to buy a tree just to pick up a few talents from it.”


This for sure. Didn´t read it like that. My bad.

Yep, that’s it! Thanks for translating :smiley:
I always encourage my players to think outside of the box. If it fits, It sits. :smiley:

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