A group of Bounty Hunters

While searching for something BH related one of the ‘Drop down answer’ thingies on Google was What Is a group of bounty hunters called?’

There was no official answer so I propose: ‘A Kickass…’ (it ain’t StarWarsy but I like it… more Tarantinoesque)

and other ideas below please :D

Edit: Also a group of Gunslingers is a Shootout… so there :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit 2: A group of ewoks is A Cuddle… (I’ll get my coat)


Since bounty hunters are so often of the “I work alone” persuasion, how about a wrangle of bounty hunters?

A haggle of Jawas?

An overkill of Star Destroyers?

A confusion of senators?


A tragedy of Darths

A lineage of Skywalkers

A kamtono of beskars

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A bane of Sith lords (but there are only ever two in the grouping)

A pretence of smugglers.

A kerfuffle of protocol droids.

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You know not what you have started.


Y.E.S!!! I am slowly going do-lally in Lockdown feeling under house arrest and thought it would be a good cheer up… still keeps us thinking of SW but a bit more light hearted:

A bleep of R2 units

Seriously, noone thought of a murder of Bounty Hunters?

Edit: oops, necro :smiling_imp: just browsed the unread xD

A disintegration lol

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It’s still a good thread! :smiley:

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