Activating Droidekas

In a one-shot I’m working on the players have an option to activate and re-wire deactivated droidekas. The base difficulty of the check is going to be Daunting (4 purple dice) but I’m beginning to think that’s a little strong for something of this sort.
Any suggestions?

Well, it’s not just to get them up and running, but to get them reprogrammed, right?
I’d make it a Hard Computers check, but upgraded twice unless they can bring them to like a computer lab or something, and I think you can guess what’ll happen with Despair… >:)

That’ll be a little bit easier to pass, but with more potential for devastating consequences.

Activation itself would not be difficult. The hard part is getting it to follow your commands.

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If this is for a one shot, then I would look to reduce the difficulty, based on 2 things. How skilled in the player who is going to be doing this. If they have premade characters with a low computer skill then I would make the roll easier. Or at least give them the ability to add a fair number of boost dice to help with the roll. (Owners manual, programming code found earlier, the right tools for the job, the programming was already damaged for some reason)
The 2nd would be how much you want this to happen, in the one shot is this going to be some epic moment to save the group, or give a fantastic ending. if it is there for Cinematic or enjoyment reasons then I would lower it as well.
For an ongoing campaign I can see the Daunting check for doing this, in a one shot I would bring it down to let them be … “The BIG DAMN HEROES!”


I agree with that. I feel that its more of a “Oh cool, I have a pet droideka now” kind of thing.

All in all, thanks for your guys’ insights!