Age of Rebellion Beginner Game Ending Suggestions

I might be running the AoR beginner game soon, but I’m not to keen on using the vehicle chase sequence at the end of the module. Provided things progress to that point, anybody have suggestions for alternatives to that sequence?

Genesys has improved chase rules if that is what you want. I don’t believe I should be copying and pasting them here, but I’m sure you can find them summarized someplace?

If you mean something other than a chase? Make it a hide vs seek escape instead?

I don’t particularly care for the AT-ST bit, and I’d rather avoid getting deep into the vehicle combat rules for now. Maybe I can just replace the walker with another speeder.

As a follow-up question, I recently ran through Takeover and we finished after the group took out the lieutenant at the end. I left it there, but I realized: if I do end up continuing on with Operation: Shadowpoint, what do I do with the remaining Imperial base personnel?