Ahsoka - Trailer, Celebration, and Speculation (Spoilers?)


Rolled my eyes at the holo-call thing going on and that one enemy didn’t she kill her in Mando season 2?

Hopefully they don’t do Thrawn dirty.

Looks like a “Rebels, the Sequel”, which I’m happy with. Thrawn (including an “Heir to the Empire” easter egg), Sabine, Ezra (I assume), Hera, and Chopper. We got Zeb in Mando so I’m not sure how he wouldn’t show up in Ahsoka eventually.

Now for the speculation. A white-haired Sith apprentice. Not red haired, so not who I had hoped. Well, still could be. I suppose after her master is killed (the older Sith fighting Ahsoka), I could see a big surprise where she goes before a cloned Emperor-thingy, becomes his “Hand”, and some streaks of red start showing up in her hair? But, my initial speculation went to Omega from Bad Batch due to the white hair. Thinking more into it, the actress is about a decade too young? But, look at Bo in Mando so that could be hand waived. I next tried to get a view of this new character Shin’s eye color from the trailer, but coudn’t. Ivanna Sakhno, the actress for Shin has green eyes, Omega has brown. So if Shin has brown they purposely changed it so that could be telling. Some googling found me a media post from 2021 that originally called the character Astrid, not Shin, for what it is worth. I haven’t finished Season 2 of Bad Batch, so all of this could be moot if there is something in there that puts an end to this speculation. Then there’s this:

According to our sources Ivanna Sakhno will be playing a character named “Astrid” who is described as striking and ferocious. A formidable mercenary who must now decide between two paths. Astrid can either follow the path of her unit or take hold of her own aspiration in service of her own glory.

Could references to her being from a “mercenary unit” be to remnants of an aging Bad Batch? But that could also point to her being based upon Mara Jade with the duality of her character?

Contextually, the trailer looks like it’ll be taking place over a period of time, likely including time before that episode. Ahsoka’s scene with Sabine had neither of them in looks like we saw in the Rebels epilogue, either - no cropped blue-black hair for Sabine and no “Ahsoka the White” look.

Lars Mikkelsen confirmed as Thrawn in the series.

Indeed. I’m also unsure as to whether Ahsoka would outright kill anyone after having disarmed them, and add to this that there was no body, and we can easily speculate that she didn’t kill Morgan.