Am I reading Ouro Blade wrong?

Hello =)

A player in my campaign expressed interest in aquiring an Ouro Blade, they are not particularly rare or pricey so there no qualms with that really.

But regarding to its special rules I have a question:
“A user may spend an advantage of a successful combat check to inflict an automatic hit on the target doing base damage, and may do so multiple times.”
Do I read this correctly that a for example Brawn 5 character can inflict 1 primary hit + successes and then can still keep hitting multiple times if advantages allow each time dealing 6 damage?

I have to be honest, I’m a bit cautious here, since that sounds a little bit disconcerting.
I’ts probably reigned in by not having any Hardpoints and lacking any Pierce.
But I’d rather be sure that I am not reading these rules wrong xD

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That seems powerful compared to most melee weapons, but the thing is that most melee weapons in this system are actually pretty weak.

  • If you have Brawn 4, then a hit with 1 success doesn’t even do any damage to a Soak 5 Stormtrooper.
  • Brawn 5 and 2 successes, you’re dealing 2 damage + 2 per advantage, which means you need 2A to even kill a single Stormtrooper. With a vibroweapon though, those 2A would have bought you a crit that kills a minion, effectively dealing 5 damage on top of your roll.
  • Against anything with Soak 7, this weapon basically does nothing, even if you have Brawn 5. With a vibroweapon, you can be scoring highly-modified crits.

You can’t even mod it to up the base damage as it has 0HP. There’s a potential build here, if you work hard- with Jury Rigged for +1 Damage, Tinkerer for +1 HP and a Mono-Molecular Edge for 2 Pierce plus a bunch of Feral Strength you might be able to make it worthwhile, but almost certainly not as effective as just modding a Vibroweapon down to 1A crit cost and whacking up the Vicious rating.

So it’s only as OP as it seems against poorly-armoured foes. In fact, its ideal target is a 0-Soak one, so it’s arguably the best weapon for destroying speeders with 0 Armour. Not a big concern.

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Which book is this weapon from?

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@Toaster you are very correct.
Melee weapons are really weak and without significant pierce they most of the time underperform.
So yes it was pretty unnecessary of me to fret over that, I realize that now.

And regarding Vibro-Weapons: Oh yes, one of my Players got a Vibrosword with Mono-Molecular Edge, so Crit 1… it can be pretty epic =)

@Rich It should be from Unlimited Power.
I’m not 100% sure since I pulled all the equipment and rules from all my books into my campaign wiki and haven’t touched the books for a long time.

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