Andor series (Spoilers)

I’m looking forward seeing how Andor gets out of the prison work camp. Hopefully we will see tomorrow. I wouldn’t mind seeing more ISB intrigue and Rebellion power struggle.

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Last episode was very dark, but I liked it. The ISB agent Meero is showing her true colors with the interrogation of Bix. The reveal of the Empire’s secret about labor prisons really sets a epic prison break. I’m looking forward to next week.


Yeah, she’s evil. Superbly acted, cast and written but the character, Dedra Meero, is a true villain, Darth Vader level. She is vile! Her and Director Krenec would be great pals.


I LOVED this last episode, Andor got to Kino, and got him to see the truth of the matter, Just like in last weeks issue, nobody was listening, and they used that to their advantage. I liked the water leak plan, worked better then I had thought it would.

Last weeks episode though made me think of this weeks election, in a way, “Nobody is listening” felt similar to voting, but then again, Andor got to Kino

I really hope we see Kino again because I thought he was brilliant

Cannot help but wonder though, WHAT were they making in those shifts ?


I also liked it. It really showed they didn’t have much of a choice, die now or die later. I wonder if Andor was making parts for the Death Star. That would make it interesting if it was.

Also gave us insight to the rebel agents inside the Empire. All helpful for SWRPGs.

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Both episodes were quite good. I love a good monologue, and both Meero and Luthen have had some excellent ones. I particularly appreciated Meero’s monologue about fish, which shed some light on why her face always looks like she’s smelling their corpses. I really enjoy listening to Meero, but don’t like looking at her.

All in all, I enjoyed it. I can’t stand Mon Mothma though. Something about her just rubs me all the wrong ways.

Only thing that bothers me from a story standpoint is the whole bit about shuffling prisoners back into the system. They act like it’s an easy thing to hide, but the guy you’re transferring obviously knows that his sentence was up and then he got settled somewhere else. How do you expect to keep it quiet? Is there something I’m missing?

Episode 11. Luthen’s ship is amazing and I see some on the web are calling it the batmobile. The shrapnel gun and the Lazer sword weapons are great. Love to see them come out as an add on weapons or at least being able to craft them for SWRPG.


This episode was clearly just set up for the finale, so I can’t talk about the payoff, but I wasn’t that impressed with anything other than the scene with Luthen and Saw. That, as with the last scene between the two of them, was superb.

As for the rest of the episode, too many bits of convenience, or things that just didn’t make sense.
For what other reason than plot convenience do the local fishermen have a hyperdrive-equipped starship and the willingness to expend the fuel etc. to get these two prisoners wherever they want to go?
Is the Imperial spy just camped out in the cantina all day talking into his elbow and no one gets suspicious?
How did no one notice the box Cassian left on top of the shower thing? If the camera could so obviously see it from barely above eye level, how did no one else?
How is Melshi going to conceal that submachine-gun-sized pistol under a t-shirt? I notice the camera was very shy about going below his shoulder. Much less smuggle it offworld, unless the fishermen just landed on the beach somehow and are waiting to taxi them to wherever else they want to go.

I really liked the Fondor’s encounter with the Cantwell (particularly just the Cantwell’s appearance. Isn’t this the first time outside of RPG sourcebooks? Or wait, it was in Solo, first real use was here), but I do have to wonder about his comms being jammed. If they were jammed, why would he assume they weren’t being intercepted? If they were being intercepted, he couldn’t run like that because they’d be able to trace him back to the place on Coruscant. Why was his first resort forcible escape rather than deception?

And I didn’t like the laser thingies. Looks fairly cool, but of questionable utility and of dubious effectiveness in that situation. The TIEs just flew straight into it. And why were they flying in that way anyway? They didn’t have their noses on, they weren’t pulling lead, they were flying beside where their target was going to be. It was pure cinema setup, it doesn’t make sense in-universe, at least not to me.

To contrast, the shrapnel/explosive darts were perfection. I was thrilled with that, and it’s a very clever anti-tractor beam tactic.

I still really like the big worker guy whose name escapes me. He seems like a perfectly normal, well-adjusted person.

Great final and make sure you watch the bonus scene at the end. I was right about the Imperial park that Andor was making in prison.

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The last scene of the episode was a master class in how to “split the party” and have a multi-stage encounter with multiple goals plus a social encounter in the middle. GMs take note!

There’s a stealth infiltration mission.

Jury-rigged explosives.

A “social encounter” with the speech.

Multiple Despairs being used: reinforcements arrive, the street is blocked, a citizen makes a report.

Multiple Destiny Point flips: the “show of force” on the street reduces security inside, a local points the way, the crowd slows the imperials and so on.

People switching sides.

Multiple factions: Imperials, ISB, former Corporate Security, rebel spies, Ferrix natives, and even the voices of the dead: idealistic old ladies and boyish philosophers.

Fights in three dimensions: ground, sewers and high ground.

Fights in multiple locations: the streets, the allies, in quiet buildings and so on.

Chase scenes.

This is how you do story arc finals! GMs take note!


Totally agree with great SWRPG inspirations. I think the whole series is good back ground on ISB, Imperial Army and Corp security. A lot of areas for GMs to plug in campaigns into this time line.

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I can´t put in words how happy and deeply satisfied I am with this show.
It got everything I want on top notch. Writing, plot, acting, music score, visuals, atmosphere. I can´t remember when I last was so emotional on such regular basis when watching a tv show.
Perhaps The Wire. Or Deadwood.

I hope the second season will be as good as this one. All the praise to Tony Gilroy.


Such great quality. I hope Andor eventually gets its proper recognition.

After it was over I thought about how great of a rebellion story we will have when Season 2 is complete. Andor 1, Andor 2, Rogue One, Episode IV now are all linked into one grand story of the rise of the Rebellion to defeat the Death Star. It starts with only whispers of a Rebellion and a sinister death machine being built, which eventually against all odds and hurdles, ends with that Rebellion destroying it. With this framing, Jedi vs Sith aren’t the center of the story until later, which I like. I can only imagine what it would be like for a person who doesn’t know anything about Star Wars starting with Andor 1 and not stopping until Death Star 1 goes boom.

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