Andor series (Spoilers)

I very much like the feel of the first episodes. I especially liked the normal daily life of subjects under imperial rule. The interactions of the corporate guard force. A lot good backgrounds for SWRPG world building. But I think you will see how the Imperials deal with insubordinate planets. Which eventually means relying on loads of stormtroopers instead of corporate guards.


I am honestly flashed.
What a beautiful atmosphere and storytelling, almost every character in play was written and played very well. I am just happy, sitting here with a big smile on my face.

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Very much what I hoped for.

Rogue One is my favorite SW movie. Andor has not let me down so far.

Rather than an episode each week, it feels like one long movie so far. In Mando we had an episode each week with a mission of some sort, with the overall story slowly progressing. Andor is more like one long story cut into episodes, so it seems we are going to get one long hours long movie? I’m not bashing.

This era “5 years BBY” coincides with the time period I’ve started almost every SW RPG campaign I’ve run. Only 3 episodes and we have more worlds, organizations, vehicles, etc for this era.

How much are the “Corpos” borrowing from the old Brian Daley books? It’s been decades since I’ve read them, but it seems to have the same feel of his Corporate Sector. I have the WEG sourcebook stored away somewhere I will have to check it out when I get a chance. I do think they also wore blue uniforms, but again it’s been decades.

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First off I have so far only see episode 1 and the vibe i get is “my kinda Show!” Andor is the perfect type of star wars show for me because its “The front lines” In a manner of speaking.

I really really really love Deigo Luna as Cassian, He’s perfect for the role, the only one for it really. His voice is what makes him Cassian Andor to me. and I really loved how the Imperial officer is bored and making up a cover story. Its like, yeah, even the Empire has backbiting, makes it a lot of fun, I cant wait to watch episode two

Now I say that {cant wait to watch episode 2} because I so far only watch episode 1 then went to bed

I will be recommending all of my friends skip to Episode 3 when the plot actually starts.

I think that, after TLJ, Lucasfilm hired every editor who worked there and every editor they’d ever met, too, probably.

Can´t understand your recommendation, please send my regards to your friends and tell them not to listen to your advise. All characters are exellent built and believable. It shows an realistic working class town and opposed to that a great example of corporate security. The actors nailed it. This show is everything I wanted. Good script, good dialogue, good music, great atmosphere, nice visuals. It´s gritty, we see actually a brothel in Star Wars and intimacy among characters. It happens so much that you can miss details in a blink of an eye. I love it. The pacing is great and I like the story telling. Nobody who wants to watch the show should miss a minute of the first two episodes.


I ought to watch it, but I just haven’t been able to work up the interest after the last couple offerings. I’ve just always felt like I had something better to be doing, like writing (i.e., looking at a blank page and thinking of all the things I would write if my brain would cooperate and translate thoughts to text) or watching an animated Batman show from the '90s.

I guess the problem is I hear “slow burn” and think “movie that takes six hours when it could’ve taken two.”

How “slow” is the “slow burn”? Is it a lot of meandering, or does it actually take you somewhere?

Well, I can´t understand it. I wanted to see and get any detail to be there.
For me, this show is great.

“shrug” to me this seems like a polemic atempt to discredit an in my view perfectly paced take on a show which is clearly character driven and clearly takes us forward in the story. If you don´t see it, or it´s too slow for you so be it but to question it is unfair.
Obviously, it is a different take on a Star Wars show, which is not for everyone.
For me, there are enough action driven SW shows out there so I am happy for the Andor attempt.

I have literally not watched it. I’m not giving any kind of opinion, I’m asking for yours.

For me the series is moving at a good pace. The first 2 episodes do a good job at character, world and the beginnings of the rebellion building. The 3 episode brings it all together and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

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Sorry for misunderstanding you.
At least I hope I explained my take on the show…

Don’t take my post about it being a long movie as a negative. I love every minute of the details. For me it’s a big plus and still riveting. Who wouldn’t want a new lost footage version of Episode IV that turns it into a 6 hour film full of character development and seeing more of the culture of the SW universe?

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It’s s s l l o o w w.

My spouse and I kept asking ourselves what plot elements would be missing if you just took the first scene of Ep1 and plugged it onto the start of Ep3 and cut out the rest. Couldn’t really justify its current shape. At some point, it does come down to the notion that an artist should probably be able to know why they chose the medium or format they chose. I’m thrilled about the show, now that it’s actually got a plot up and running, but Gilroy needed some more people in his life with the “this meeting could have been an email” mindset.

There are some folks who can listen to a guitar solo that lasts 10 minutes, if it’s their favorite guitarist playing.

I would still rather my favorite guitarist give me their best 30 seconds of playing and really blow my mind than listen to them faff about.

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Thanks for your opinions, y’all have convinced me I should give it a try. Which I eventually will. Soon. TM.

Probably tomorrow, I’m stacked today. I’ll be sure to give you my many thoughts on the show once I have an opinion to share. xP

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Latest episode, someone explain what they meant please. Luthen is taking Cassian away in his ship. Hyperspace coordinates are computed very fast by the AI ship computer. Luthen flips a lever and they jump to light speed. Cassian remarks something like, “what is powering this ship?”, like something very unusual just happened. What exactly was unusual that would have anything to do with power? The coordinates were determined in something like 2-3 seconds which might be unusual, but what would that have to do with power? Was it the sudden leap to light speed? I always thought all such jumps were sudden in the movies once the switch is flipped? Did I miss something?

Yeah, I wondered too. What did he call it a “Fondor Haulcraft” … which one could assume is what Luthen’s ship looks like and is based on - but it appears heavily modified.

Also, sometimes the jump comes with a slight delay perhaps, or a longer wind-up sound before the jump? This was an instant and fast jump straight into hyperspace, maybe faster than what we usually see with lines all drawn out and stuff? I dunno.

I think it is mainly a reference to the modified nature of the ship, and that Cassian knows about many different kinds of ships.

I think he was just not expecting the ship to have hyperdrive for whatever reason. Maybe except for when he left his homeworld as a kid, he’s never been in hyperspace.

He knew he was leaving the planet. He recently flew a borrowed ship that had hyperdrive. He is later hired specifically because one of his skills is a pilot. He has recently arrived home after stealing a device I believe from another system (iirc). I think he’s experienced hyperdrive quite a few times.

I also believe Cassian has experience Hyper Drives before. So not sure why Andor series chose to have a different type of drive on this ship. I’m sure we will find out why.