Andor Trailer

Damn, this looks so good!!! It seems there’s been a lot of lessons learned on the visuals of these shows, as this, from a cinematic perspective, is looking leaps better than what we’ve had in the previous SW shows.


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This looks very interesting! Disney tends to do better when they’re working with original characters instead of established ones (excepting The Clone Wars season 7), and an Andor show is something I’ve thought was a good idea since I first saw Rogue One.

This show has a whole lot of potential, and apparently a broad cast of characters. I’m apprehensively looking forward to seeing what they can do, as I have no confidence in Disney but the trailer looks promising.

Need to say that it looks very interesting indeed.
Though I do not care much about the Andor character. Did not like him/or found him interesting enough in Rogue One.

I’m curious, why didn’t you?

I thought he was the most interesting, although that was perhaps due to my overactive imagination more than any particular quality represented within the show.

The reference to his backstory as a Separatist and his role as a spy I found particularly intriguing.

Well, I am not even sure that I can point my finger at something specific.
I remember sitting in my cinema seat, spoiler free, and the movie started. My first impression was, great, finally a darker, grittier version of Star Wars, something for adults.
I liked the movie very much, to me it is the best besides episode V, but somehow I did not much care about Andar.
Perhaps I should rewatch.

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Rogue One is perhaps my favorite SW movie of all time for these reasons. If the feel of this trailer represents what the series will be, this could trump Mando for best TV show for me.

That´s a possibility for sure but it needs to be very good to compete for the throne :)

This trailer looks really good. Seems to be several interesting characters that will influence Andor to become the man we met in Rogue One.

While I personally feel that Rogue One is overrated, I still think it is a good film with several good elements and parts that add to the storyverse in excellent ways.

This series may also make RO better in some ways, and I’m really excited about Saw showing up. It’s all very intriguing and exciting! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh, and if the music (and sound) in the trailers are anything like what they’re going to have in the show, I’ll be really happy.

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I’m so looking forward to this. Love the early Rebellion history. I did enjoy Rouge One and Solo movies. Now we are getting more on Rouge One, hopefully we will see a Solo Disney+ series.