Announcement: Shifting Community to SW5e

Hey folks,

We are really excited to announce that starting today, this forum will be transitioning to focus primarily on Star Wars 5e! We know many of you are excited about this change, given the slow news on Star Wars RPG development at EDGE.

Dungeons and Dragons is as popular as ever, and Star Wars 5e is a part of that. With our new focus on the world’s greatest roleplaying game, this will enable our server to be that much more friendly to those coming from a DnD background. People can now just stick to what they know and we can get that much more closer to approaching the RPG singularity!

Change can be hard though, so for those that remain interested in the Star Wars RPG system originally created by FFG - with the groundbreaking narrative dice that were designed with the Star Wars setting explicitly in mind and truly make the system a blast to play in ways that recreates the adventure and humor of the Star Wars saga - please stick to #homebrew-house-rules or #genesys .

Can’t wait to roll some d20s with you all! If you want to read more, check out our official twitter thread on it here. We’d love your feedback!

Happy Dungeoning!

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Well, not exited at all.
Another Star Wars forum going down. At least for the system I care.
To all other guys, have fun.

Pssst. There’s more to the announcement then you’re noticing. :smirk:

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I hate April Fools more than you can possibly imagine. <_<

It’s the most stupidest day of the year, and I hate it.

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See, I even wasn´t aware that it is April 1st.
Working the whole day in a company that will be burried soon it seems I lost my sense of weekdays…

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Ouch. I feel that, though. My internal calendar has been out of whack for at least two years now. I just always make sure to brace for April Fools since I hate it so much.

When I saw the initial post, my heart sank too - another knife in the back for those of us who LOVE the FFG Star Wars game and dice and … “experience.”

We have endured wandering in the wilderness of the unknown for two + years now - not knowing what would happen to this beloved game system.

To see the opening line…just killed me.

I feel the same as Dreenan - just awful. What a way to experience coming to the sanctuary that is these Forums…

Now having said all of that, it eventually dawned on me that it was April Fools Day.




Woo - freaking - hoo.

So much back slapping humor. So much ribald enjoyment at another’s shock. So much April Fools Day fun.


So glad I got to be momentarily “stung”. So much sheer JOY at the experience. Thanks for the hearty guffaws.



After quite a lot of feedback, we have decided to reverse the above decision. We hope you have a happy April 2nd and beyond!

Much love, and my apologies if we gave anyone a heart attack!

Never do an April Fools event again. >:(
(I’ll add “please,” if that’s needed)

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Well, it is THE day to do jokes, right?

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A day that shouldn’t exist.
(In my humble—100% correct—opinion).

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on an entirely serious note.

Goes to google if Star wars 5e 3rd party is a thing.

It is, but I didn’t much care for it. Every basically gets their own versions of spells and it’s entirely too much to keep track of, and makes technology kind of awkward when (from what I remember) bounty hunters have to use spell-like abilities instead of tech. Also, IIRC there are way too many Force powers.

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This and the meme contest “ending” over on Wookieepedia make me hate April Fools so much >:(

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If I didn’t know it was April Fool’s, I would have been pissed. I hate 5e Star Wars. Love Revised D20 version though.


This must be one of the better April Fools jokes I’ve encountered because it was so carefully planned out. The only other one I can think of that was just as good was when deviantart did a thing called ThoughtART that made really good art to upload for the day.

Then of course there is the JollyJack & Shinez 1 April back and forth funnies

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