At long last - Cracken’s Rebel Operatives

It’s finally done, just in time for May the Fourth - my Cracken’s Rebel Operatives conversion. Between real world hurdles and just the sheer volume of it, it took longer than planned. Thanks for your patience, everyone. Check it out at:

mySWRPG - Cracken’s Rebel Operatives: A Collection of Rebel Intelligence Agents


Awesome work there dude, that seems like a herculean effort to do solo.

Only had a glance through so far, but it seems a little heaby on Nemesis level characters. I only counted 5 Rivals in the whole thing (3 of which were droids), and all the rest are Nemesis (Nemesises?, Nemesise? I dunno).

Looks amazing though, and some of you art choices really made me smile.

Nemeses. Like crisis/crises. Pronounced “ees.”

Yeah, as it was going along, I could tell there were a lot of them. But, looking at their WEG info, most warranted it based on history or just seeming appropriate to let them take strain. But, I figure the odds of more than one or two at a time being used (groups like The Shield aside) made it all come out in the wash.


Pronunciation I had, just not spelling, lol.

Awesome!! Highlighted it on the front page of the site :slight_smile:

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In addition to fixing the typos, I’ve added bookmarks to the PDF. Version 1.2 is up.

The choices of images are so silly and make me very happy.

Rene Elise Goldsberry as a rebel spy inside INCOM? priceless

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