Attacks with mines and traps

Dear players and GMs!

How does “attacking” with a mine works?
In the books, Anti-personnel mine has Mechanics skill damage, crit rating, blast, vicious, so it acts like a weapon and makes sense to attack with it.
However what’s the difficulty here? I’d lean to simple or maybe opposed to Vigilance? Is it combat check? How do talents apply?
Or shall I make a separate check for detecting it? What if it fails, just deals damage? But then no chance of hitting a critical.
Should I use the minelayer’s Mechanics for the attack?

So many questions, it’s a bit confusing for me.
Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are my only hope!

I would recommend using the rules for either the electro-snare found in Enter the Unknown, or the rules for Cunning Snare from the Trailblazer spec in Forged in Battle.

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Could you help me out with the rules? I don’t have either of those books.

I actually just posted a topic on mines in the House Rules section if you want to take a look at that.

Here’re the rules on Cunning Snare:
“…Each time another character moves to Engaged range of the trap, he must make an Opposed Vigilance vs. Survival check against the character who placed the trap. If the character who triggers the trap fails, he suffers wounds (these ignore Soak) equal to the trapper’s Cunning characteristic, plus 1 additional wounds per Failure. The trapper may spend Threat generated by the check to disorient the character for 1 round per Advantage spend, 3 Threat or a Despair to immobilize the character for 1 round and a Despair to stagger the character for 1 round.”

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For the electro-snare, the character makes a Survival check with a difficulty set by the GM to hide the device. A target must make an opposed Perception vs Survival check against the character. They are affected by the trap if they fail, plus 2 per success on the initial check to plant the snare.

You can kind of adapt the mines using those rules.

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I usually sort by new and unread, but for some reason there are topics that don’t show up for me, only by manual search. I’ll check it out!