Bad Batch 2

Hmm, this looks pretty good!

But of course, Gungi survived, so we have further evidence for my assertion that 90% of Jedi survived Order 66. I guess they’re making it so in Canon, clone troopers have the same aim as Stormtroopers.

At any rate, very cool-looking. Not sure it’ll be as good as it looks, but it makes me hopeful that maybe they’ll polish out some of the quirks I didn’t like from the first season.

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I’ve never had any problem with the idea of that group of Padawans surviving, going all the way back to the fan art of them older in the Rebels style. So no problem here.

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Oh I agree, I like them very much, it’s just that there were so many Jedi survivors and he’s just one more, plus any of the others that make an appearance (if any).

All I’ve got to say is that Omega better accidentally kill someone and Cody better be insanely cool

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Very excited about this. BB seems to be the series that will show the most of societal and political changes. I really loved the first season, so I feel this is going to be great!

There were always a bunch of Jedi survivors in the EU. It’s always been weird, but it’s sorta whatever.

Bad Batch is still only (several) months (to a year maybe) after Order 66, so some Jedi still remaining at that point in the timeline makes sense to me.

Perhaps we’ll see some more Jedi die, and who knows, perhaps some proto-inquisitors will show up?

Indeed. We may well see the dawn of the Inquisitorius as an organisation.
After all, we already know from Fallen Order that by 5 years after the CW they were up and running.

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I think that could be awesome, some inquisitors hunting Gungi (and any other surviving padawans, perhaps a knight or master too?) who receives help from the Bad Batch … yeah. This is looking awesome.

I’m really excited about starting my Star Wars campaign up again, after almost a year long hiatus.

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We’ve already seen the formation of the Inquisitorius in the second run of the Darth Vader comic.

But, TBB has already tossed out part of another Marvel series, Kanan: The Last Padawan, as of the pilot episode, so who knows.

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Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that. I hate it when that happens, especially when they could so easily have used new characters instead of messing with the lore. Ironically, it also puts more constraints on where they could go with the story. For example, if [padawan] had actually fallen to his death, and Hunter blamed himself.

But ultimately they didn’t, leaving it as the only taint on an otherwise quite excellent scene and first episode.

Ah, I didn’t know. I haven’t had the time to follow the comics for the last several years. I must check that story out.

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It bugged me mainly in that it openly put the big lie to their claims of “everything from this point on is canon” stance. I understand why they would choose to show Caleb/Kanan’s Order 66 moment - we now (as far as I recall) have every major Jedi character’s Order 66 experience on film (that would have experienced it, that is). But it wouldn’t have been difficult to slot the Batch into that story as it was already told.


Yeah. I see that, but I also like the “unreliable narrator” explanation. Kanan tells his version of the story, what and how he remembers it, in the comics, and we see a different version, or a different telling by (another) unreliable narrator in the Bad Batch.

They could’ve made it more similar, but I think it was similar enough, given whose perspective we follow.

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This may be the healthiest, most positive perspective I’ve seen about this sort of thing in a good long while. It’s refreshing.

Yeah, I mean, it wasn’t a dealbreaker for me. And I’m totally fine with your perspective and/or the official LFL party line that we’re basically seeing stories that have been passed down, so the small details may differ, but the broad strokes will remain the same. They could have made the two versions hew a little closer together, but the changes weren’t too drastic. The sticking point for me wasn’t that changes were made, period, but that they were made after saying, “No more tiers of canon - from this point on, whether screen or print, it’s all equally valid.” I don’t mind so much that it really isn’t…I’d have just preferred they said so from the start.

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