Bad Batch Season 2 (Spoilers)

Wow, that was excellent. 7/8 on the fifty-cal scale.

The combat was well done (my only objection is the tank missile thingy, for a variety of reasons), and I especially enjoyed the scene with Tech and the BARC scouts.
The writers cheated a bit with Omega. We see her firing her bow (a lethal weapon) at clones, because she “has to contribute,” but they specifically do NOT show her hitting anyone, usually not even showing where her shots hit, meaning they knew they were going outside the “no lethal force unless necessary” rule.

The portrayal of the non-Bad Batch clones was excellent, and of course the Bad Batch were done well. I really enjoyed Wilco and Rampart at the end.

One piece of very clever writing was the interaction confirming that Tech et al were still alive to Wilco. They set up the need for confirmation in an organic way, set up the method of confirmation ahead of time in an organic way, and then pay it off in an organic way. I was thrilled with the quality.

The only writing quibble I have is with the free-falling cargo container. The tension is entirely external to the characters, and for meta reasons lacks tension. We know it won’t kill them, but they set it up ahead of time as die/no die, so we know they’re going to survive. Additionally, the characters have no effect on whether the thrusters kick on or not, so there’s no time-crunch tension as we watch the character frantically try to make it work.

On the other hand, the scene with the cargo container that culminated in Tech breaking his leg was fantastic because it had consequences and combined “force of nature” with character competence, so that they were neither leaves in the wind nor masters of their own destiny. At any rate, very good. And the fact that the consequence stuck around and wasn’t forgotten later in the episode, I very much approve of. I look forward to seeing more of the show, so far I think it’s better than the first season.

Oh, side note, Omega looks a whole lot older in this one. Definitely more than five months. I can’t quite settle on why that is, though. I think her face is a bit older, maybe? It’s subtle, whatever it is.

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Nice review. I’m liking season 2 so far. Looking forward to the rest.

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8/8 on the fifty-cal scale. Utterly fantastic episode, a masterpiece.

Only quibble I really have is the troop count. Cody says “half the squad is too injured to move,” and then we see about an entire platoon of clones throughout the combat. I mostly chalk that up to typical ignorance (either the act of ignoring or a state of a lack of knowledge) of troop numbers etc.

So far, this is far better than Season 1 of Bad Batch, and I’m thoroughly impressed.

Multiple specific things caught my eye as done very well:
Lighting: Particularly around the memorial. In the end, Cody’s face is half-lit. Crosshair’s is nearly entirely in shadow, with just a sliver of light.
Music: The sound design was impeccable, particularly noticeable in the two memorial scenes.
Combat: I thoroughly enjoyed the combat, as it did an excellent job of feeling like vintage Clone Wars while increasing the intensity and quality. Tactics were mostly good, aside from certain Star Wars foibles (convenient ill-aim and the like). The commando droids were especially well-done, actually adapting to the clones tactics and being just inhuman enough to be creepy. I also really liked the brutality of the fights, whether a clone getting lit up by a droideka or Cody’s hand-to-hand vibro-knife fight with the commando droid.
Characterization: Excellent throughout, even down to the Imperial governor, whose voice alone made my skin crawl. He disgusted me, but as intended.

Also, I really enjoyed the mix of ordnance types (grenades and droid poppers) and Crosshair sniping the AAT. The latter reminded me of Carlos Hathcock counter-sniping a counter-sniper through the counter-sniper’s sniper scope.

Only story aspect that stuck out to me negatively was the Empire only sending a small strike team. They weren’t supposed to be SEAL-team sneaky (for obvious reasons), which means there would be plenty of time to kill the governor, which makes any kind of “preserve the life of the governor” play rather meaningless. So why only send a single shuttle?
Based on the troop numbers, I’m happy to just headcanon that they sent three shuttles and did away with any “peace mission” subterfuge (although it does give some story context to Cody’s negotiation efforts later in the episode).

Hmm, more I think about it, there were a couple other things.
One is just the story choice of Cody going AWOL. I thought it would’ve been more interesting for him to stay, but I certainly do not disapprove of the choice they made.
Second is the mirrors at the end to kill the tactical droid. With the angles and precision involved, it’s just too convenient.

Okay, so four things. But the episode on the whole was so positively excellent (as opposed to just avoiding errors), that it’s hard to detract points for those things.

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I also agree with it being a great episode. At first, I also thought why would the Empire just send in a Clone squad in to rescue the new governor. They I thought about it and now it makes sense.

First, the Empire is in a transition between clones and stormtroopers. The clones numbers seem to declining quickly and the new stormtrooper Corp/Army isn’t in great numbers yet. That’s why they tried the Trojan horse attack.

Next the new governor looks like a low ranking officer. If the Empire lost him “it would be for the greater good of the empire”.

Lastly the planet looked like it was deep in the outer rim. Empire still probably billing up their military assets.

The problem with what you’re saying is that an entire Venator with nat-born stormtroopers arrives on the scene seemingly immediately afterward.

As for the new governor being disposable, I agree. That’s part of why I don’t understand why they would try subtlety in the first place.

Yes I agree. But maybe the Empire is moving so fast taking planets. They were holding back strike teams to the systems that wouldn’t submit. Trying to do it the easy way.
I believe the Empire found out the this tactic didn’t work. This is why they changed their tactics to more full invasions. But this would take a lot of resources and that’s why the Death Star was needed.

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Hmm, that’s a pretty good theory! I think it is a way to explain away an issue, but that’s half the job of fans, isn’t it? :D

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Sticking with the theme that clones are disposable, this could have been an attempt get rid of more of the clones which the Commander doesn’t care about. Also to test the loyalty of Crosshair, who is part of the group that already defected and the loyalty of Cody and the other clone. By giving them more questionable mission objectives, then he could declare them traitors and continue to push for their replacement. So either way it was a win for the commander to help phase the clone troops out.

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That does make since. I really felt there was a no win situation for the clone troopers. It certainly made them feel expendable. That’s why even with the control chip, Clones started to just pushback and even dessert.

8/8 on the fifty-cal scale yet again!
This season has been absolutely fantastic.

Most of the story was pretty standard, but done very well. Racing, racers, racespeeders, all very nice.

Most notably to me, they canonized Nosaurians!

Also, they used the same voice actor who did Donatello (I think that’s his name? The purple one) in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, and apparently the voice actor can only perform one character, because they’re carbon copies. Both even refer to themselves in the third person more than a mentally-stable person should.

And the absolute highlight of the episode, the Dowutin. From the character writing to the animation to the voice acting, absolutely flawless on every level. He has such a tremendous presence, he’s just wonderful. Perfect contrast to the Imperial “governor” from the previous episode, who had a high voice and no presence. Compare the cringing and throat clearing, for example.

Just… Wow. I’m a little blown away by the quality of this season after I thought the last one was a bit mediocre. Filoni needed three seasons to really get Clone Wars roaring, then two for Rebels, and now just one for Bad Batch. Color me impressed, and apparently just a tad oversaturated.

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I liked the treasure hunting adventure. I swear the writers must use SWRPG books to help develop characters like Phee Genoa the treasure hunter pirate.
I like the lore of an ancient race. Plus I thought the puzzle traps were interesting but not over the top. The Indiana Jones theme wasn’t too obvious. We will see if this is a one off story or has more to do with were the storyline is going.

Predictable, troped, quite enjoyable. 5/8 on the fifty-cal scale.

Poor walking tibanna gas can.

Indiana Jones theme was pretty obvious from the start, the pirating stuff was a bit on the nose, but all in all it was enjoyable, moreso than the rating would indicate.

I was unsurprised by the “impressionable young girl runs off with pirate” storyline, but was gratified and amused that her brothers/father came along. Hunter was the best part of this episode, especially when he’s fed up after the fall.

The only thing I didn’t expect was the “War of the Worlds”-like walker.

The episode wasn’t without issues, however.

  1. The “door.” When they shifted the lower rings, they would have blocked it off.
  2. The blaster-proof creature. They just took it too far, I think.
  3. The fall when the walker toppled should’ve killed them.
  4. Why was the clockwork walker there in the first place? Sure, there can be an explanation, it just seems odd and I’m wondering what that explanation is, because they treat it like a one-off, not something that’s going to be scattered all over the planet as relics of an old war.