Best way to land on a hostile planet?

Need help gaining clearance to land on coruscant. Can anyone suggest droids or techniques to help our crew?

What’s your era, and why can’t you just normally land like regular civilians?

I’m guessing Imperial era and your ship/ID is blacklisted for whatever reason.

There’s an attachment in Special Modifications which allows you to rejigger your BoSS signal, which can let your ship slip through without being identified.

You can forge credentials or ID to get through yourselves, though if facial identification is a problem you may have to also disguise yourselves in some way.

Other than that, I’d need a a better idea of your situation.

I really appreciate the advice man. You are correct tho standard rebels flying in enemy airspace with a stolen ship to make matters worse lol. We’re breaking into the Jedi temple. I kind of think sewers/ventilation may be the best route but I’m trying to think of droids or equipment that could help us get in and out the cleanest/quietest haha.

So your issue isn’t so much getting onto the planet, but how to break into the Jedi Temple?

Check my “SWRPG Equipment Spreadsheets” thread and sheets for info on these items or other ideas, but here are a few suggestions:

Generic Remote: A small droid of unspecified nature. The way I run them is that they can be (re)programmed to have a single group skill, or be directly controlled by a player and receive the player’s skill (they have Characteristics of 1).

Electronic Lock Breaker/Scramble Key



Cyber Disguise (see Cato Parasiti)

Rocket Boots/other vertical mobility aids

Tool Kit or some particular tools to help you get past things like hard countermeasures

Slicing Gear so you can deactivate security measures

Wow that was thorough I love it man definitely going to run that by the team see what they think but I really appreciate it man.

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Hey P47, so I hashed put a plan to do some small scale sabotage in one of the “parking garage” type bays to give our agent some breathing room so to speak. I’m hesitant to use any type of explosive due to the response it will warrant but anything you could recommend that will garner enough attention but not bring the whole empire QRF down on my ass? Lol thanks again man.

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What do you mean by “parking garage type bays”?

I’m going to interpret it as the landing bay for your spacecraft.

In a landing bay, there are usually a variety of mechanical items and various chemicals or solutions. Setting up a minor “industrial accident” (exploding foamcast can, fuel leak, coolant pipe rupture, fire retardant spill, etc.) ought to give a distraction without being obviously foul play or attracting attention in the way that an explosion would.

Any mechanic droids could also be used, such as by reprogramming or sabotaging them. If they are particularly dim-witted (as in roomba-level IQ), you might be able to do something like rupture a line of cleaning fluid and then have it perform its duties, spraying a mildly toxic chemical everywhere while having no idea what it’s actually doing.

Wow… you are good. And really evil at the same time😂 could a reasonably sneaky guy in your opinion with low mechanics take advantage of a droid and make something like that happen? Or would I need some type of mechanical leverage?

For a droid, I would definitely require Mechanics or Computers to mess with its operations internally. To sabotage a hose, for instance, the most I’d require is perhaps a Mechanics check to gauge how best to create the desired reaction, or a Skulduggery check to do it without being noticed.

For the other mechanical accidents I reference, I can’t really recommend anything blanket other than Mechanics and Skulduggery as mentioned previously, but GM judgement should rule the day on what is possible and what is required to achieve a desired outcome.

Wait a second, I just thought of something: Isn’t the Jedi Temple the Imperial Palace now?

Yes it is. I’m not sure our dm knows that we’re aware of this tho. Definitely further complicates things.

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How can someone with low charisma or deception get over that confrontation moment with a guard without shooting?

Boost dice are your best bet, usually earned through a very convincing story (or convincingly forged documents).

It is also important to note that not everything will require a Deception/Charm check, especially if the person you’re trying to fool has no real reason to suspect anything.

As GM, the way I run it in my games is that the “deceivee” has to call for a check, whereupon the deceiver has to roll the check. If he fails, the target does not believe him, if he succeeds, the target believes him. That’s the simple version.

Much more complex when you add in the variable of truthful convincing.

Certainly doesn’t look good for me I’m kind of taking on a big role in making the diversion for our agent to slip in and do his magic. I’m a scout/assassin and don’t think I could talk my way out of anything if need be😂