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I’m looking to invest in some more books for the system, but I don’t know what to get next. Is there anything that is particularly helpful for GMs and players alike?

I’ve already got FADCRB, Dawn of Rebellion, and both Clone Wars books.

Allies & Adversaries, Gadgets & Gear, and Starships & Speeders.


I agree with @GM_SteMac, with a caveat: What are you looking for? What do you want? Without those questions answered, it’s hard to give a good answer.

Things to think about:

  • Do you want to expand the same line?
  • Do you want more gear?
  • Do you want more GM tools?
  • Do you want to diversify your collection, or deepen it?
  • Do you want story material?

Sorry that I didn’t get back to you guys sooner, school and life have been hectic.

@GM_SteMac, I was thinking about getting those. Is there a particular one you would suggest first? (I guess that leads into what @P-47Thunderbolt is saying huh)

P-47, I’m mainly looking for GM tools, as well as diversifying my collection. I want to be able to cover a wide variety of topics when it comes to this game so that way my players are never bored, except when waiting for their turn in combat. I also want to be able to run things as smoothly as possible so that my players don’t have to sit while someone looks through a rulebook.

Does this help?

Helps some.

So if you really want to diversify your collection, Edge of the Empire is a very good choice. It gives you the tools to play a Rebellion campaign if you want to, but has a greater focus on scum and villainy. Age of Rebellion is much more specialized in its usefulness.

For GM tools, Allies & Adversaries is excellent. Not only does it give you many statblocks right at your fingertips, but the pictures and fluff text themselves give good inspiration. If you’re in to making your own NPCs, then it also gives you a lot of RAW statblocks to compare your own creations to.

SaS and GaG are both good, but less-so on the GM side. They can give you good hooks and good tools for your NPCs, but it depends on your specific area of interest.

Since you specify GM tools and diversification, I don’t suggest the career splats or Nexus of Power-type books since they would expand your current line. However, Nexus of Power will give you good inspiration for stories and perhaps useful hooks. I don’t have that book, but I do have Strongholds of Resistance and recently acquired Suns of Fortune, so I can vouch for that category’s quality.

Based on what you say, I would suggest you diversify with Edge of the Empire CRB, or get GM tools with Allies & Adversaries (lesser options would be Starships & Speeders and Gadgets & Gear, in that order).

Yeah, would pretty much just second what P47 said.
G&G is more of a player tool, but A&A is indispensable for GMs.
Other than the CRB I don’t have any F&D splat books (I’m all about Edge), so can’t vouch for them. But the setting rather than the Career ones are deffo more GM focused. Lords of Nal Hutta is one of my absolute favourites (being all about the Hutts, makes it a really good source of inspiration for criminal shenanigans).

This is really helpful, thanks. I’ve been using the EotE CRB online and I really need to get my hands on it as it is awesome.

A couple of clarifying questions:

  • Is A&A the SWRPG equivalent of the Monster Manual for Dungeons and Dragons?
  • Is Lords of Nal Hutta good for working with Crime Syndicates? The campaign I’m running is going to use one very soon.

A&A is the equivalent of something like a Monster Manual, providing reams of NPCs and ideas on how to use them.

Lords of Nal Hutta is advertised as pertaining to Hutt Space, which would as a matter of course involve information on the Hutt crime families. However, I cannot speak to it specifically because I do not have that book.

So yeah, it’s all very Hutt Specific.
Lots of details on the major Hutt Kajidics (families), and systems in Hutt Space.
There isn’t anything in there about the Pykes, Black Sun, or any of the others though.
As far as I’m aware, EotE CRB is the only place (other than Wookieepedia) with details on them.

Alright, thanks. I’ll probably pick up A&A next, then grab the EotE CRB.

Thanks again for your guys’ help!


I forgot to ask- Are any of the GM kits/screens worth getting?

I believe the AoR has rules for squad level combat.

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Squad/Squadron rules in AoR, but they’re also in Rise of the Separatists. I have the AoR GM screen since it’s a convenient cheat sheet, but none of the GM kits are all that important to acquire.

The EotE GM Kit has a fun short adventure module in it. It’s the only published adventure that I’ve run for my group. Haven’t run or played the AoR or FaD ones, so no idea if they’re fun or not.

Alright, I’ll probably pick up one of those eventually. I think a GM screen would just be helpful in general.

Once again, thanks for everybody’s help, and MTFBWY

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