Broken Link Reports

Find a broken link on the site? Post it here along with any updated links you could provide us to fix it. We appreciate your help in maintaining the site!

The link for “Rescue at Glare Peak” instead leads to the “Lure of the Lost” PDF.

Otherwise it’s a thumbs up from me for all the work that you’ve put into this site! :slight_smile:

@Marlow, on the main page, these 2 links don’t go to the correct pages. Both link to here instead

Fixed and published!

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Taken it down for now until I can confirm it’s kosher to link to that in the first place! thanks for the report :slight_smile:

Technically not a broken link, @Marlow but this:

on page Frequently Asked Questions where there is no video linked.

fixed! thank you for report

Broken link on Music & Sound


Leads to a 404 error page.

Cheers. Taken it down for now. Seems it’s no longer on the Star Wars site!