Broken Vulture Droid

Hello all. My party recently have aquired a new ship, a larger one with a garage. Inside I have put a busted up Trade Federation Vulture droid.

The mechanic wants to fix it up and get it working again. I don’t want it to be a quick fix, rather a project to work on over time.

• Any ideas on what components I should have missing and that need to be installed?

• How should the Droid react or behave when reactivated?

• What interesting or cool functionality could/should it have, practical or otherwise?

Any ideas would be appreciated. I am inspired by the process of repairing HK-47 in Kotor and finding all the missing components.


Well, the starboard stabilizers are shot to one of Corellia’s nine hells, its port blaster cannons are warped from a weapons malfunction that overloaded the XCiter, its starboard blaster cannons are just outright missing (along with the bottom half of the split wing), the Vulture’s “head” took a grazing hit that damaged the navibrain, and its gyroscopes are out of alignment.

As for reactivating, Vultures aren’t that intelligent or aware. The way I see it, you could have it either mostly functional and simply awaiting orders (easy enough for the PCs to break down its loyalty barriers and install themselves as its masters), a completely blank slate the PCs must program themselves, or a self-aware veteran who is grateful for being rescued, but must regretfully destroy them for stealing Separatist military hardware.

As for functionality, I say standard Vulture droid from RotS, plus whatever shenanigans the PCs slap onto it, always keeping both positive and negative narrative results in mind.


Thanks for the reply :+1:

Also consider the rules for building droids when considering the personality for the droid.

What does the player want? Make sure that you’re not spending a lot more time/effort on this than the player wants to put in.


Yeah I’ve kept it simple for now. Depending on how much he continues to pursue it will factor in to how much more effort I put in.