Character Sheet Shares!

Post your character sheets below! Links to or SWsheets are appreciated so we can pull them into our own games!

Here’s a character I created for the Discord contest awhile back. Meet D8-D8, a repurposed Casino droid doing risk assessment with the Imperial fleet.


Based off of my first character I ever made playing EOTE.


Ha! I love Sir Kiinon! I really want one of my Players to play a colonist politico/pirate now.

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I’m a perma-GM, so I don’t get to play much, but here is one of my favorite NPCs.

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I get to both play and GM, but I GM the significant majority of the time and have far more ideas for PCs than actual PCs. These two were actually NPCs as tech-savant kids, but I found them very amusing and decided to imagine them as fully-developed Heroic-level PC adults.
(Side note, wow can you break things with good mod rolls!)

Here’s Kemna, my signature character, at the start of her adventure!

It’s not quite up to date, but it’s close enough :slight_smile: !

EDIT: How do you do the cool preview thing in your posts?
EDIT 2: Oh, never mind! It fixed itself!
EDIT 3: It un-fixed itself? And everything is up-to-date now! She’s still at the very beginning of her adventure (hasn’t even left home yet), but still!
EDIT 4: And her signature Force power (still in development) is in the homebrew channel!

Aw, heck, why not? Here are a few others I have kicking around on SWSheets.

All of them are from campaigns that, unfortunately, died out fairly quick, so none of them are very far past character creation, but they’re interesting folks with curious stories, for sure!