Community Sourcebook Project 2022: Racing

Hello SWRPG Community!

As the new events facilitator on our Discord server, I’m going to be running a bunch of fun events and activities this year, including a Sourcebook Project!

Over the course of 2022, our community will collaborate to create a new resource for Racing in SWRPG. We will focus on a new topic every month, fielding discussion and inviting contributions. The project will also feature six major content-building competitions: Racetracks, Factions, NPCs, Vehicles, Mods & Gear, and Adventures in Racing!

All creators, regardless of experience, are encouraged to participate. The project will culminate in a free sourcebook with full layout that will be made available on the SWRPG Community website. All published submissions will receive a writer’s credit, and some events have prizes up for grabs!

I’ll be launching our first event on 9th January: A Racetrack Design Challenge. Head over to our Discord to join the discussion and/or stay tuned for announcements and updates!


Our first Community Sourcebook event is now underway: a Racetrack Design Challenge! :checkered_flag:

We’re calling on all server members to contribute their wildest, weirdest and most wicked racetracks in the Star Wars universe. Get creative with new locations or interesting vehicles!

The competition will run until the 30th of January. Check out our Discord for all the details :tada:


There’s only one more week to submit a track for the Racetrack Design Challenge!

Don’t get left in the dust! :racing_car:

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In response to community feedback, the deadline for the Racetrack Design Challenge has been extended until Saturday 5th Feb!

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During March, we’re running another event for our Community Sourcebook Project: a Faction Building Contest! Join our Discord, and design an organization tied to the racing world for a chance to win some custom art! Here are the details:

  • Factions should have a major (but not necessarily exclusive) involvement in the racing scene, e.g. racing team, swoop gang, vehicle manufacturer, media outlet.

  • Your entry must include four sections:

  1. History of the faction,
  2. How the faction is organized (leadership, hierarchy, territory, etc.),
  3. Faction activities (products, services, legality/illegality, etc.), and
  4. How PCs might encounter and/or deal with the faction
  • Do not include statted NPCs (descriptions are fine). Focus on the organization as a whole!

  • One entry per person. Only members of this server or our community forums are allowed to enter. Staff can contribute to the project, but are not eligible for the prize. The prize art will be published in the sourcebook.

  • Max 2000 words; no minimum! Entries may be edited for length and clarity in the sourcebook.

Factions will be judged on:

  • Relevance (is this faction connected to racing in a significant way? does it fit the Star Wars universe?)
  • Originality (does the faction represent something new and interesting, rather than rehashing existing organizations?)
  • Employability (would this faction present interesting narrative conflicts or challenges?)
  • Personality (does the faction have distinct motivations and a unique character?)

This competition will run until 29th March 8PM US EST, which is 2022-03-30T00:00:00Z in your timezone.

Submit your designs by DMing a Google Doc link to Kee#3883 on Discord or emailing with a text file or pdf. Make sure to include your Discord handle (e.g. Name#1234). Designs will be uploaded to a public Google Drive at the end of the competition.

Community Contributor, PufferfishGuy, will be commissioned to design these prizes. For an idea of what they might look like, see his awesome work here

For some guidance and ideas about how we want to structure our Faction section, see the Black Sun and Hutt entries on pages 374-378 in the EotE Core Rulebook.