Compiled Resources List

Restarting the famous thread by Nate here. Feel free to reply or submit links directly to

General Information–Wookieepedia

A Night at Tosche Station by Kainrath and JD Wiker

A Slew of Adventures from Legends of the Galaxy

Players’ Tools from Legends of the Galaxy, too

Astrelan’s Starting Gear Kits

LIghtsaber Crystal Supplement from Immortalfrieza

PowerPoint Templates for Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion Module Template v0.9.1.potx?dl=0 Module Template v0.9.potx?dl=0

Online Shop Generator from Celofett

A Clone Wars Sourcebook written by Emilejos

A Star Wars Language Translator by Arlo Di’Lya

GroggyGolem’s Resources (Dropbox)

Form-Fillable Character Sheet from Caied

Form-Fillable Companion Sheet from SaraMcDohl

Form-Fillable Vehicle Sheet from Sara McDohl

Weapon Modifications Sheet from Bennxn

NPC Cards from 9littlebees

Letter Size

A4 Size

SW Sheets courtesy of duffn

390 Names for NPCs from B.A. Simon

Consolidated Index

One Shot First Supplement from Maveritchell

At a Crossroads–A Sourcebook for Jospro Sector from Lagspike

V1.1: Box

Adventure Template for Force and Destiny in LibreOffice from Depicacyx and Destiny Adventure Template -

Discord Dice, Destiny Pool and Character Tracking Bot from Skyjedi


“The Stars are Silent” by LuckyBunny

“Murder on the Merciful” by Andynorton

“Hunter and Hunted”

“The Enemy of My Enemy”


“Only Two Ways Home”

“How the Grrth Stole Life Day”

“Rendezvous at Ord Mantell” (Conversion)

“Echoes of the Past” (Multiple Versions)

Echoes of the Past (with ungridded maps)

Echoes of the Past (with gridded maps)

Echoes of the Past (pdf only for web viewing)

“Bendu’s Shadow/Stalitz Flight”

“Fane of the Sith Lords”

“Dreamscape” by Castlecruncher

“Mists of Myrkr”

“Pride and Piracy”

“The Scrapheap King”

“The Price Is Might”

“The Quarantine Quandary”

“Cold Comfort”

“Shadow of the Broker: Trust Fall”

“Shadow of the Broker: The Laws of War”

Conversions of WEG Modules by Kyla

A Campaign for Imperial Storm Commandos, with Pre-GEns, by Lagspike

Star Wars RPG Homebrew Distillery by DangerShine Designs

Operational Costs (by RebelDave, RusakRakesh and others)

Trade Route Economics Spreadsheet by Nevermind

User Guide:

Star Wars: Rebels Sourcebook (courtesy of Jaspor, et al)

Cartol’s Emporium of Useful Things (by Jegergryte)

Campaign Websites

Bubblepopmei’s Campaign

“We Don’t Need Their Scum” (2P51)

“The Second Chance” (Jaspor)

“Star Wars: The Next Big Thing” (I.J. Thompson)

“Star Wars: Veil of Darkness” (GM Hooly)

“Star Wars: Tales of the Solay Express” (GM Hooly)

“Tumbleweeds in Space” (RusakRakesh)

Simon Retold’s Campaign Wiki

“Unforeseen Fates” (Atraangelis)

“The Force Unbridled” (Kyla)

“Tempest Feud” (Lady Skywalker)

“Misery of the Corrupted” (GM Teyvill)

“After the Fall” (ShadoWarrior)

“Far Orbit Project” (ShadoWarrior)

“Fight or Flight” (swrider)

“Strike Force Isk” (ShadoWarrior)

“Trial by Fire” (ShadoWarrior)

“The Minos Cluster” (Kinnison)


“One Shot” Campaign

Alien Species

A Tatooine Supplement

Kainrath’s Mos Shuuta Supplement

A Corellia Supplement

A Hutt Space Supplement

Star Wars Galaxy Maps

Galaxy Map


Tales from the Edge of the Empire

Triumph & Despair

Jegergryte’s Cubicle

Dono’s Gaming & Etc Blog

d20 Radio Blog

Sterling Hershey’s Blog

Shalemanse’s Edge of the Empire Homebrew

Consummate Gamer

A Few Manevers

Kainrath’s Blog with Lots of Gear

Bastion Kain’s Blog

Cardhu’s Blog

Tierfon Campaign

Maveritchell’s Page

Sturn’s Stuff

OggDude’s Character Generator

Squirrelsan’s Resource Thread

(Including an Excel character sheet)

Reference Sheets from Gribble

One-Page Reference sheet

Combat Reference Sheet

Critical Cards

Talent Tree Reference

Valiant One’s Character Creation Aid

Daniel Cowdery’s Starship and Vehicle Aid

Ways of the Force

Kaalamity’s Companion Sheet


“Order 66”

“The Sabacc Table”

Star Wars Crawl Generator

(Thanks to Venthrac for the mention)

Another Crawl Generator

(Thanks to ArisSN for the mention)

Star Wars Name Generator

(Thanks to IceBear for the mention)

Star Wars Soundboards

Range-Tracking Tool from CharlieBananas

A Version of the Intro PDF in French from Naglareph

Expanded Mos Shutta from Maveritchell

Mos Shuuta Expanded (gridded maps)

Mos Shuuta Expanded (no-grid maps)

Tatooine Props

YT-1300F “clean”

Stats for Rakghouls from DiegoOnasi

BrashFink’s Bennie Deck a la Savage Worlds


Index of NPCs from Musket_Max

Kainrath’s Loot Table

Stan’s Combat Tracker

Lots of Good Artwork

Character Tokens by Kitty Kissz

Liberiton’s Article about Hutt Politics

Rules for Sith Alchemy by Ian2400 Alchemy.png?dl=0

French Character Sheet from Bobmoranne

Resources from Joress

Swoop Bike Sheet

Star Destroyer Stat Sheet

Squadron Stat Sheet

GM Combat Tracker

GM Sheets for Tracking Gameplay

Resources in German

Resources in Spanish

And Now for Something Completely Different

“Edge of Sanity” Lovecraftian One-Shot Adventure

Edge of the Union Western RPG

Edge of the Kingdom Fantasy Conversion (Blue Dog, et al)


Additional Star Wars name generator:


To the Team who did this, THANK YOU!

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Thank you for doing all this!

Edited: I wasn’t sorting the forums correctly and hadn’t seen it was already pinned :)


Site is taken down by owner.

Takedown notice quoted from site

After many years of hosting the Star Wars Name Generator, I have decided to take it down. The code for the site is long outdated, and soon will not work at all. Also, Disney creating their own generators has largely wiped me from the rankings, meaning I make no ad revenue anymore and the site no longer pays for itself.

Update 2/12/21: There is currently a loose plan to find a new home for the generator elsewhere, and I’ll update here if that comes through. In the meantime, I’m sorry but I cannot honor any other requests for the database of names or the code at this time.

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Mind replacing this with the Forum Archive link:

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fixed this! there’s a load of others to fix. when i find some time i’ll try and parse the list.

I wonder if there’s a simple search/replace regex you can use for replacing old FFG links to our archive. Is it as simple as?**

Unfortunately the GM Combat tracker link no longer works :frowning: