Custom GM screen community input

I’ve been working on compiling resources, and formatting them into a custom GM screen. It is…lorge, lol. Will def share here when it’s ready, but in the meantime… The last section I’m working on is Destiny Points. I’m hoping to get some community input for some examples of the wildest things you or your players have used destiny points for!


Introduced the fact the NPC is addicted to a certain type of Drugs, which they happened to have gotten from a previous mission.

Introduced the fact that Previously a guard dropped his key card outside of a facility when they were using the bathroom in the woods, I added it was in the pile of ****, so that had to dig a little. Which is why the guard left it where it was dropped.

Introduced the fact that the baby sitter of the kid who they were paid to kidnap, had her boy friend over and were making out in the living room to help allow them to sneak into the kids room.

Introduced the fact - After failing their stealth room when breaking in an apartment, the little kid woke up to check out the noise. They introduce the fact that the kid sleep walks, so he kid was given a couple setback dice on his vigilance checks.

introduced the fact - On the planet they arrived at they player had an informant who knew about their bounty. So i adjusted the informant to be an ex-girl friend of the player who wasn’t happy with how it ended, and made him take her on a date to get the info he wanted.