Damaged Armor

So, the CRB that I own (FaD) has rules for damaged gear, more specifically weapons. Minor damage adds a Setback to its use, Moderate damage adds a difficulty dice. However, I can’t find anything that gives information on the effects of damaged armor. And as you don’t actively use armor in checks, the same rules don’t fit very well.

Are there rules governing this? Or any suggestions for implementing some.

Here is a good dev answer to the question: https://ffg-forum-archive.entropicdreams.com/topic/108101-ffg-developer-answered-questions/?do=findComment&comment=2660152

Personally, I agree with the answer and wouldn’t do it unless we’re working with something like a personal deflector shield, in which case there’s no effect until you get to major damage (inoperable) or destroyed.

If you want more specifics, my suggestion is that Sunder only affects powered effects of armor, so shields, heating/cooling systems, maybe advanced optics, etc. This, I’d say, would function more like a component hit critical, and either you could handwave the cost or base it off of the attachment in question, if an attachment is, in fact, the item in question. If it’s a small component of a larger armor, you’d have determine the cost on a case-by-case basis.

The only thing I am aware of that references damaged armor or repairs to armor is the Self-Repair Systems attachment, and it seems like an anomaly to me, something that perhaps should not exist.


Ok thanks for that reply. Its helpful.

One of my players was hit by both a missile and a thermal detonator. He managed to survive, after a comrade healed his bleeding out crit. This was a narrative situation mostly where I ruled his armor was damaged 2 steps which inferred a -1 Soak Value, inoperable electronics/optics and no longer sealable in a vacuum etc.

This made sense as the armor was torn open, being the only barrier between the blast and his own fleshy body.


It seems like the rare exception where it actually makes sense. Being blasted by AoE attacks are definitely something that could Sunder an armor