Deck Sweeper

Looking for some brainstorming help to translate a D20 weapon into FFG. So far, I have Short range and Stun Damage as a quality. I was also thinking of no critical chance. Definitely needs Blast, but was thinking it would trigger for free? Or maybe only one advantage to trigger?

Here is the Wiki lore for the weapon.

That sounds like a cool weapon.

Immediately I say give it limited ammo 5. I agree with the Blast idea activating for 1 adv. seems reasonable. It mentions a Fortitude saving throw. Maybe change that to a Resilience check made by the target, with a set difficulty (Average or maybe Hard) with failing the check giving the target some sort of negative effect (I can’t think of one off the top of my head). Its got a critical rating of 20. Instead of making it without a crit, (as this would make players not want it) maybe make it a 4 or 5 adv critical.

Here’s how I’d stat it:
Ranged (Heavy); Range [Short]; Dam 10; Crit 6; 2 HP; 5 Enc; Blast 8, Disorient 4, Concussive 1.


Looks like something might already exist that’s close enough.

This one is close too, even though it’s not Merr-Sonn.