Dice symbols for homebrew

Hello everyone !

I wanted to know how you made the dice symbols (as for the type of dice as for their result). I couldn’t find any answer on this forum but since I’m not fluent in English I may have past through the information.

Thank you in advance for your kinds answers


You’re looking for a font which includes the EotE custom dice symbols?

There are definitely some people on here who can help you (@Kualan, if you’re around, I know you’ve got some experience here), but here are some I found through a quick google since I know it’s a common question. At least one of them should work:

Dice fonts

The Alexandrian » Star Wars: Force and Destiny – System Cheat Sheet
Dropbox - EotESymbol-Regular-PLUS.otf - Simplify your life

I have never used one of these myself, but I hope one of them helps you!

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The first link is perfect thank you so much !!

Glad to be of service. :)