Did anyone else still go to the old forums to check?

Even thought I knew it would be shut-down, something in me just had to try :-\

Thanks again for setting up an alternative :slight_smile:


I tried to reach it just by typing “commu…” and blindly hit enter and was surprised that it redirected me to the main site. Well… :(


Yeah, I did the same thing. Even though I knew it was coming, the redirect to the main site still took me by surprise. As part of the archiving process, I got in the habit of checking the forum an unhealthy amount of times per day, so I have the feeling I’ll accidentally end up on the main FFG a lot this week… ;)


Yes, as of 3 am local time {2 am FFG time} the forums were shut off entirely. according to the wayback machine someone pulled the plug but everything from sunday is there

Absolutely I did. The home page is probably going to stay in the forums’ spot on my phone for months to come.

Old hangouts are hard to let go of, especially when they were filled with so much joy :) .

Just did. So, I moved the shortcut for FFG down my favorites bar a bit so it’s no longer in my daily visits area. :frowning: But, I’ve got almost 20 FFG boardgames so I will probably still visit the site from time to time.

Not so much to check, but out of routine. When passing time while working, I went through my routine of stops on my phone, and since the shortcut was still there, I’d tap it without thinking.

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I was just searching up RPG advice, and tried to select a link the FFG’s Forums. That was unsurprisingly unhelpful.
I was able to find that thread on the forum archive, luckily. Thank you so much for that @EntropicDreamer

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Whats really funny is that I was going to post an announcement thread saying that “As of 2 am FFG time {3 am eastern time} on 1 February 2021, the forums were shut down entirely, any community link within product pages redirects to the sites main page”

Again, to me, what hurts the most is that FFG never made a news article about their forums in the first place. Had they done so when the forums were first built way back in 2010 was it ? Maybe they’d have more of a following. But they never made a news article to announce the forums, nor did they make a newsd article to announce the forum closure.

I mean sure make it read only no new posts allowed, thast could be nice, but now… they want us all to EMAIL them with errta fixes when it was quicker and far far easier to use the forum.

so yeah, closure of the forums without a news article to bring it up hurts me a bit. but that might just be me


I didn’t realize until now that their entire forum went down. I had assumed it was just the RPG forums since they moved to Edge. I agree, that’s pretty stupid on their part. It wasn’t like they were into great moderation. So, even for their gameboards, it’s gonna be Discord, Facebook, etc. which doesn’t fill the niche of on-going topic discussions like we have here.

I’ve ranted about this before, but are the IT people making these decisions all 20 somethings and don’t know the history of internet communication? We are actually going backwards in some ways. Once, we only communicated through mailing lists and bulletin boards, which were useful but a mess to find things and stay on topic. Forum threads were a great improvement for certain subjects. Now, we are basically going back to more modernized bb’s and slowly dumping forum communities?

To be fair to them, they did it based on usage/activity. And large, large swaths of the forums were unused or way less active then it had been. Particularly for new products. From a cost benefit analysis keeping forums and hosting going for every game, where only a core group of 100 or so regular posters is using it isn’t financially viable.

It sucks because, I agree, forums are extremely useful, but usage vs Discord and Facebook has been on a major decline.


And what appeared to be the most active areas - RPGs and miniatures games - were shifted to other Asmodee imprints. So, being on FFG’s site was less logical.

Only time will tell if Edge and Atomic Mass add forums.

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I tried to go back and felt an “oof” right in my chest as I was redirected. I was under the assumption the forums would still be of access but just completely locked. Apparently not so. Felt bad… very bad.

Click on the “FFG Archive” near the top right corner. It’s all saved in there. I mean on this website, not over at FFG.


What’s worse, is the results from the forum were showing up in google searches days later.

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And then when you click those, they take you DIRECTLY to the main web page; even their products, each one still has a forums link, but it redirects to the front page

@Agile Try this next time that happens: take the old forum URL from the search page, edit it in this way:

It seems to work for me.

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Huh, cool, thanks :) I’ll give it a shot -

Absol!! i’m glad you transitioned over. I disappeared from the forums mostly because i’m all over discord these days!

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Hihi! What was your pervious username? I seem to have forgotten, sorry :frowning:

But glad to see you here, regardless!