Disney RPG

Considering that Marvel is releasing their own in house RPG, could Lucas be going in the same direction? There are Star Wars Marvel releases, the comics, they could just use the Marvel system I guess. Considering how chaotic things seem to be at Lucas Arts recently, I doubt a SWRPG is even anywhere on their radar, including the Edge Studios version.

It’s always a possibility, but unlike Star Wars, there hasn’t been a Marvel RPG for a while. (Yeah, yeah…an argument can be made that there hasn’t been a Star Wars one for a while, either. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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I can see a Marvel RPG getting designed and printed tyhrough someone like Wizards or AEG… in fact AEG would make more sense, even for a Star Wars game.

Me, I’m happy with what I got from FFG so far for star wars


Marvel is producing it themselves.