EDGE Reprints Inbound!

The following books have just been announced to be receiving reprints from EDGE! Direct announcement here.

Age of Rebellion :
ESSWA01EN AoR : Beginner Game
ESSWA02EN AoR : Core Rulebook
ESSWA03EN AoR : Game Master’s Kit
ESSWE01EN EotE : Beginner Game

Edge of the Empire :
ESSWE02EN EotE : Core Rulebook
ESSWE03EN EotE : Game Master’s Kit
ESSWE10EN EotE : Lords of Nal Hutta
ESSWE13EN EotE : Special Modification
ESSWE14EN EotE : No Disintegrations

Force & Destiny :
ESSWF01EN F&D : Beginner Game
ESSWF02EN F&D : Core Rulebook
ESSWF04EN F&D : Chronicles of the gatekeeper
ESSWF06EN F&D : Nexus of Power
ESSWF09EN F&D : Ghosts of Dathomir
ESSWF10EN F&D : Savage Spirits
ESSWF11EN F&D : Knights of Fate

Common universe :
ESSWR03EN Dawn of Rebellion
ESSWR04EN Rise of the Separatists
ESSWR06EN Collapse of the Republic
ESSWR08EN Starships and Speeders
ESSWR02EN Star Wars Roleplay Dice Set

“Bring ‘em on! I prefer a straight fight to all this sneakin’ around!” – Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope


Step 1: Reprints
Step 2: New Product Announcements
Step 3: Profits?


I notice this reply from EDGE about reprinting every book.

“Jason Conlon It is currently impossible to print games at will, so we were forced to make choices.”

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That was my guess. This was my post at Edge’s Facebook:

I’m gonna assume we will get the missing reprints in 2023? That’s a long list of products to edit, make slight changes to, repackage under Edge. Could you imagine the uproar if some of the small typos and clarifications we have discovered since the initial run made it into the reprints? Many would be on here complaining about the shoddy job by Edge. Thus, without an unlimited budget or staff, they chose what they thought were the most needed or most lucrative that they could get to the printers in 2022. When they are done with this list, perhaps we will see the others?


I am happy they announced something. Reprints are the first step to breath life to the line. You need to have a presence first, to attract the costumers with new products.


Historically, under FFG, new products weren’t announced until they were fairly far into the development pipeline. I’d imagine that, given it’s the same leadership, the same pattern will hold true for Edge. Given they just recently announced ironing out the legalities of formally transferring the game from one imprint to another, it’s probably safe to assume that no new product development was underway until those hurdles were cleared.

Meanwhile, it’s “currently impossible to print games at will” because of paper shortages (just saw an article yesterday about it affecting comics, and an RPG Kickstarter that I recently backed had such overwhelming success that, before it was even over, they issued an update that the positive response - $8m on a $50k goal - would likely mean a delay in delivery of physical product because the printer they’d lined up before launching didn’t have the cardboard for that quantity of hardbacks) and the reality that Edge isn’t going to be the printer’s only client (their other clients won’t be shuffled to the side, so there are limited opportunities for Edge to have product printed). Then there’s the whole matter of supply lines being jammed - an estimated half million cargo containers sitting on anchored ships off the coast of California because the ports are literally stacked with empty and full cargo containers.

Just trying to be realistic here, not fatalistic. I’m expecting that, sometime within the next 3-6 months we’ll see the announcement of something like either a sequel or High Republic (phase 1) era sourcebook, or possibly - to get things flowing a little quicker - another “greatest hits” book (Species and/or droids, maybe?). However it plays out, this is forward movement, which is good.


Given that they just started up the new production cycle, 3-6 month may even be an optimistic estimation for announcement. I’m not sure they can develop a new product within a year, especially without a proven and experienced team (with the system)

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