Edge studios - sleeping beauty?

So finally even Armada got it’s rules forum by AMG. It was a long journey, but they produced and shipped a new wave of Legion, X-Wing and Armada.
So I was wondering what does Edge do in the RPG department? Do we have any news whatsoever?
What’s happening to the RPG line?

The website is still “in progress.”

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They are currently (as of last week) more active on Facebook. I can’t say there is much new info other then about the Midnight stuff, but there is obviously someone dedicated to social media responses.

Well, it’s something… I guess.

I know that comparing to other branches is like apples and oranges, but still. I’m going to do it.
I mean, if AMG could took over the 3 mini line and continuenwhat FFG started, why not the RPG? It coule be that RPG books were still too early in their development cycle? It could potentially mean that they start all over again. I mean I’s be happy with any news, even from the other lines at least we’d see somethinga happening behind the scenes… The waiting is killing me T_T

Midnight and the L5R Dragon Clan book should both get released before any Star Wars or Genesys content, and we know the Twilight Imperium book is slated for “Summer 2021”.

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Edge/FFG/Asmodee recently released their dice rollers on google play and iOS for free, though this is related apparently to Genesys and L5R respectively, cant find anything concerning star wars on their twitter

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It’s going to be handy, we plan to try out Genesys for a while