Elemental Steam Setting (work in progress)

I have a homebrew setting I’ve been working on for years. It began, much differently, using a different RPG system. When Genesys came out, it meshed perfectly for what I was trying to do. Someday I hope to put this on the Foundry.

I’ve been working on several things which may be of interest even if you don’t want the setting itself:

  • Detailed magical system based upon Genesys, but with some fun additions.
  • “Advanced” options for character creation including Aging, Backgrounds (with in-game affects, not just a description), and Social Tiers.
  • Alternative materials for weapons and armor, including a streamlined gear damage system that coincides with Genesys.

Nothing to post yet. It’s all on rough drafts but I work on it weekly. There is an old introductory PDF at my “Sturn’s Stuff” website: STURN’S STUFF - Elemental Steam Stuff (google.com)