Elrood Underworld: New Players and GMs welcome!

Good day!

I am pleased to announce that Elrood Underworld, a persistent meta-campaign utilizing FFG’s Star Wars Edge of the Empire system is open and recruiting. Having finished our first full year back in May, we regularly run games every week with a growing roster of NPCs and plot lines exploring inter-Faction rivalries.

In the immediate aftermath of the destruction of the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin, the galaxy is in a state of disorder. Set against the backdrop of the Galactic Civil War, the Elrood campaign takes place in the eponymous sector in the Outer Rim. Overlooked by many, the sector is home to six criminal factions that are now vying for power as they each pursue their own agendas.

Players will have the opportunity to take on jobs from any of the primary six factions in the criminal underworld and even forge their own direction. Leveraging credits and Obligation, characters can make their own way in the sector or seek to ally themselves with more powerful groups. Whether running smuggled cargo past Imperial blockades, hunting dangerous criminals to claim the bounties on their head, or shaking down locals to pay their ‘protection money’, the Elrood Underworld campaign provides a variety of options for players wishing to explore stories at the EDGE of the EMPIRE.

To join the Elrood Underworld campaign, head on over to the swrpg discord at Star Wars RPG and use the appropriate commands in the #server-roles channel to add yourself with the ‘Elrood Underworld’ tag. Alternatively, you may submit an application at the Elrood Character Submission form.