Essential Kill Clarifications

Hello there,

I have some unclarities regarding the Essential Kill Talent from the Seeker Tree.

  1. Do I read the following correctly?
    May spend 1 Forcepoint to add 1 Advantage. → Meaning this can be done multiple times, yes?

  2. Is spending Forcepoints for Advantages and spending Forcepoints for a Triumph mutually exclusive?
    It reads that way but seems weird to me.

I’d be grateful for any insights
Kind regards

1 Force point for 1 Advantage, and as per usual with these talents you can spend it multiple times.
Spending Force points for Advantage and Force points for Triumph is mutually exclusive. The way to think about it is that a Triumph is a cut above 3 or even 4 Advantage, even more in some situations. This keep things balanced. But if you roll more than 3 pips and you don’t need a Triumph, specifically, then you can just get a whole bunch of Advantage.

Okay good to hear I interpreted it correctly then,
thanks alot for confirming that for me =)