Evaluating some SW vehicle talents in Genesys

I am here reevaluating some talents from Star Wars to see how useful/appropriate they’d be in a Genesys game, considering the changes to vehicle combat. In particular, I’m looking at Fire Control and Tricky Target.

Because combat check difficulty in Star Wars was based on the relative silhouette of the targets, the ability to modify silhouette is valuable, potentially bumping a combat check difficulty to hard or greater. But Genesys determines attack difficulty based on the relative ranges of the target, with a silhouette difference of 2 or more only increasing/decreasing the difficulty once. So the effects of Tricky Target would only ever really apply to fighting vehicles 1 silhouette larger than yourself (so the Millennium Falcon would have a harder time firing on a TIE fighter, but there would be no difference for X-wings taking on a Star Destroyer). Also keep in mind that Tricky Target is defensive only; you don’t apply the silhouette bonus when attacking.

I feel like Fire Control works slightly better, because it’s offensive and could get multiple attacks out of it (being based on the vehicle and not just one character), but the effect would only really matter when the target vehicle is exactly 2 silhouettes smaller. I should point out that there is a talent in Genesys that allows a character to treat their target as 1 larger when firing a vehicle weapon, but it only applies to the character who has the talent (and it also does another thing).

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The most recent episode of the Order 66 Podcast is devoted entirely to porting over the Genesys vehicle rules to Star Wars, so you may find some insight there, as well.

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