Exogloves and Dual-Wielding

In Gadgets and Gear, the Exoglove states that it increases the wearer’s Brawn by 1. Can I hold an Exoglove in the same hand as a lightsaber? I cannot find anything in the book or online that might indicate that whether this could happen.

Equipment like that narratively came in pair, unless otherwise written. If you buy one, you have it on both of your hands.
(Unless I’m mistaken and it’s a brawl weapon - then you can’t use another weapon in the same hand, I don’t have that book)

Per RAW, there is nothing stopping you from holding and using a weapon in an exogloved hand, just like there isn’t with Shock Gloves. But you couldn’t use the exoglove to attack while also holding a lightsaber. You could dual-wield by using your other hand, but that’s a bit weird.

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Good. That’s what I assumed. The only reason I was wondering was for the +1 Brawn upgrade.

As per raw it is possible to wield a weapon in an exogloved / shockgloved hand yes.
But as was said before the rules unless explicitly described otherwise, do not let you double dip on these things cybernetic limbs of the same type do not stack so I believe it is intended for exogloves also to not stack (since narratively you probably got a pair anyway).

It is kinda weird though because when we look at the descriptions and images it would probably be pretty hard to wield a weapon with these gloves properly.
A Melee Weapon should be usable okay’ish but anything that requires more delicate handling would be quite restricted.
But alas, that’s only a narrative restriction or up to GM rulings, as per raw this does not matter.