Expanded Weapon Crafting for Mass Production

Due to the direction my campaign has taken, my players are working on their own criminal empire/government, and several players are wanting to build their own manufacturing lines to make weapons, armor, ships, etc.

With the Nubian Design Collective homebrew, ships are working out just fine, but weapons are less than desirable, as right now with the current rules, even with someone having an Intellect of 6 and decent Mechanics with multiple schematics, it’d impossible to create certain weapons that are as good as a RAW equivalent (ex. Solid Projectile Rifle with RAW cannot create something on the same level as a Verpine Shatter Rifle).

Is anyone in the works of making (or be willing to work with me to create) a set of homebrew rules for weapon crafting, especially in the style of NDC.

I’m envisioning the ability of creating 2-3 tiers of weapons (Poor, Average, Premium) for each category, example being a Poor Projectile Pistol being objectively terrible but useful as a temporary replacement, Average being something equivalent to what current RAW create, and then Premium being the top of the line gear with a few good perks but with a higher barrier for entry.

Anyone interested in toying with this?

Just a suggestion, not sure if it would work with your group. But maybe the players can some how find or buy the template for the weapon they wanted. You could come up with the basic layout and they could use the normal rules to upgrade it.

It was something I toyed with originally, but their wants are a bit more out there than simply modifying existing designs. Not to mention, the RAW for weapon crafting is a good base but simply just not very fleshed out, which is what I’m hoping to solve

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