Exploits Overhaul and New Mechanic: Notoriety

Notoriety and Exploits

For one of my games, I wanted to use the Exploit system. But I found it a bit lackluster and it fell by the wayside.
I also ran into an issue where I would occasionally find myself wondering if a character would know the PCs, and wanting some method of randomly determining that. I also find the “Obligation/Duty as Threshold” optional rules lackluster, and wanted to come up with something better.

So I decided to fix both problems at once, and came up with mechanics suitable for many sorts of groups, not just Bounty Hunters. So, here it is and I hope you find it useful.

There are two categories:

The first is Notoriety and Reputation: How many people know you, and what they think of you.
This is all meant as a GM aid, and a GM is well within their rights to choose how much a given NPC knows of the PCs.

The second is more unique to the group: Exploits, Affiliation, and Blunders. These mark your players, providing bonuses and maluses, and influence how people react to them.
This overhaul is meant to expand the rules to serve multiple sorts of groups, not just Bounty Hunters, and to simplify it in some regards.

Any feedback and suggestions are more than welcome.