Extra Hard Points on Ships?

I thought there was a topic and tried to search for it, but couldn’t find anything. Might have been on the old FFG forum.

Our gaming group talked about that it’s kind of sad when you hit the Hard Point cap on our Ship. It’s fun to modify the ship and a good way to spend a lot of our hard earned credits.

So we got inspired by the Biofeedback regulator (a cybernetic in Special Modifications page 49). And I wanted your thoughts on these house ruled attachments:

Efficient wiring (sil 4+)
Base modifications: Adds two Hard Points to the ship
Modifications options: 2 add one Hard Point to the ship Mods.
Hard Points required: 0
Price: 10 000

Efficient wiring (sil 1-3)
Base modifications: Adds one Hard Points to the ship
Modifications options: 1 add one Hard Point to the ship Mods.
Hard Points required: 0
Price: 6 000

So in short, pay a bunch of credits to get more hard points. Efficient wiring is just the name we came up with when bouncing ideas. In total a large ship could add 4 Hard Points, which feels like a lot. Maybe the Modification options should be removed. Or the Sil 5+ variant should just start with one hard points as well?

What do you think? Is it too powerful?

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Yes, I think it is.
For the record, there is a talent that boosts HP on a ship. I believe that both Rigger and Modder have it as part of their “signature vehicle” tree.

As for the specific things you propose, they definitely do more than they should, and whether they should exist at all is questionable.

One way to do it would be to say “add one HP for every two points of silhouette,” also setting the price at something like 5,000*silhouette. Also, no mod options.
So a Sil 2 craft would cost 10k and add 1 HP, a Sil 3 craft would cost 15k and add 1 HP, a Sil 4 craft would cost 20k and add 2 HP, etc.

As for what you have there, at a minimum the Sil 1-3 variety should extend to Sil 4 and the Sil 4+ variety should be 5+. Aside from the particular reasons in this circumstance, it also fits better with the system, because the dividing line between the two categories is between 4 and 5.

Personally, I would not use this. It seems like a patchy way to avoid limits, with no real interesting fluff or narrative effects to back it up.

Thanks for the ideas, certainly a price depending on Sil seems like a smart move. We’ll see if we do something like that or if we just skip it and use the rules as written and check out modder/rigger.

I like the idea honestly, it both let’s ships be more customizable and acts as a Credit Sink, two things I find the game needs some more love in.

Maybe remove the Attachment but make it a mod one can add multiple times? That way you can keep customizing to your hearts content (perhaps scale the cost per instance of it added) and credits continue to have another use.

I do think I’d concur with P-47 though, make it one mod and just scale it’s cost based on the Silhouette.

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Reverse engineering (which any one can do with a triumph or maybe 2 triymph) adds 1 hp, and the artisan has a force talent to add up to 2 (roll dependent). Putting your attachment (which is overkill as it is) is too much. Don’t forget stripping off your hull and replacing in with a sleek carapace using the crafting rules in fully operational… so there are a plethora of RAW options. Now Don’t get me wrong, im not advocating the raw vehicle crafting rules… there very poorly balanced… take a look at the nubian design collective’s whole vehicle crafting handbook for a better alternative. Im just saying there’s raw option for adding 4 or more hp t I a vehicle so this is over the top redundant in addition to by itself being overpowered. Just my 2 cents but you do you and don’t let me ruin yor fun.

We ended up doing nothing, I got the Modder talent that adds 2 HP and then we’ve moved on.

But where’s the rules for reverse engineering? I haven’t seen that when reading.

It’s one of the options in the AoR Engineer splatbook, Fully Operational.

Alternatively, you could have a mod be fewer HP (maybe even drop it to 0 HP cost) as a reward or plot device (steal or protect this prototype of our new scientific achievement!).

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