Fires of Resistance

Fires of Resistance is the result of a broad collaboration to make a Sequel Era sourcebook. The original scope over a year ago was to be a complete era book, but it was an open invitation to collaborate without a way to drive the masses to completion. Most of this work has sat unseen for about a year, so I decided to put together what did get done in a presentable way. You might notice content gaps where an obvious thing wasn’t included, particularly in things like NPCs and vehicles, and flavor text style may vary due to the variety of authors, but there was too much good content to let it sit unseen just because some other things weren’t there. A big thanks to everyone who contributed when this was rolling, there are probably some names left out of the credits, I included the information I had from the workflow tool.

And here is the oggdudes dataset for the species, specs, equipment, and vehicles


Phenomenal work. As a fan of the sequel era, this delights me so much and I can’t wait to pull it into my games.

I know this isn’t the first question you want to hear after so much work having been put into this: any plans for adding to this in the future to fill in some of the content gaps?

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I know I’m certainly willing to help fill the gaps!
I hate free time, and love Star Wars!


Publishing it has gotten some attention from previous collaborators, so there will definitely be some updates coming. Some more NPCs and vehicles are coming soon.


My own attempt at a similar book was perpetually stalled and back-burnered, so I’m glad to see this. If I can be of any help with gaps, let me know.

I’ve pushed some fairly large updates since first publishing, at this point I consider the more significant gaps to be filled, but if there’s anything people feel passionate about including I’m open to proposed content.

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If you’d like, feel free to include my hyperspace skipping rules, since it’s a concept introduced in the sequels. Just credit them. :slight_smile:

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