Force power: bind

Can someone give me examples of the way bind work at short range vs minions and / or adversaries?

Hypothetical situation, four minions, full power:
Result: 2LS, 2DS.
Spend 1 pip to restrain a single Minion within Short range, immobilizing the target until the end of your next turn.
Spend 2 pips, flipping a DP and suffering Conflict/Strain for the DS pips, to affect three additional targets (for the three Magnitude upgrades). Now you are affecting all four targets, and since you spent DS on the power, each affected target (four) suffers 3 Wounds.
The character decides to spend that second DS pip as well, choosing Strength to Disorient the target for three rounds (per Strength), bringing the total Wounds suffered to 4.

Does that help?

It works the same against a Rival, except that Nemeses and some Rivals are able to resist the check, forcing a Discipline vs. Resilience check (if the check is opposed in this way, the character cannot use the Mastery ability).

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