Force power to... connect

Been rewatching Rebels. During the first and second seasons, Ezra picks up the power to reach out and connect (he uses the word “connect” for this ability a lot) to creatures. He uses it to calm them and often to fight on his behalf and such.

Is there a power or Force talent for this?

On the surface, it feels a lot like the Influence power. In the show, however, and yes I understand it is only in the context of the show’s fiction, Ezra is great at connecting but mediocre at Influence. Kanan, on the other hand, is great at Influence, but not so much at connecting.

Mechanically, is there room for Connect to be a separate power, or do you feel more like Connect should be an advanced usage of Influence? Or do you feel that Influence handles connecting just fine as it is and the show’s fiction is the show’s ficton?

Sounds to me like you’re looking for the Animal Bond, Animal Bond Improved, and Animal Empathy talents.

The Animal Bond talents essentially get it to do what you want easier, and Empathy is for taming them. Hermit has Animal Bond, but I forgot which has Empathy.


Animal Empathy can be found in the Pathfinder tree.

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Yeah, as @Broopa said, Pathfinder and Hermit have Animal Bond and related talents.

Ruus from the old forum and I are actually working on a set of more filled-out rules for taming creatures, comparable to the droid programming rules.


Already kind of exists in Stay on Target under the animal riding rules (box on p. 81). Just substitute the Trained Mount ability for a handful of functional talents or abilities.


I used that too when my player wanted to have a pet Vornksr. Then she could order it around as a bonded animal (-the force stuff)

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This could also be a creative use of the Influence force power, with a couple of upgrades.

It is what I have my Pathfinder using when she tries to make creatures do things they otherwise wouldn’t do - and unless it makes sense to use the Survival skill.

Also, a general “connect” force power, as I use it, is similar to a weaker version of the Sense power, which is basically a combined Discipline check using the force dice, to narrative effects.

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