Force Sensitives during the Empires Rule

Hi all,
I do know that the Jedi were hunted and if possible killed after order 66 at the end of the clone wars. I know that there were the Inquisitors created in the aftermath to find them.
What I am struggling with is the question of how far did the go?
Was every force sensitive they found imprisioned, questioned or killed?
Or did they only care for those strong in the force?

Let´s say I have a group of fortune hunters operating in the time between the Death Stars and due to bad luck they are in a situation where it is highly possible that they are searched and questioned due to some fire fights and exposions happend in the area.
Four of them aren´t Force Users, two of them are.
How likely is it that an Inquisitor is able to estimate their capabilities and does he care for every force sensitive?
What do you think?
What would be your approach?

Those that weren’t Jedi probably fell under three categories: Recruitment, Quarantine, Eradication.

Whole species (Iktotchi, Miraluka) were Force-sensitive (in other Star Wars systems, the species started out with what would be a Force Rating 1 in this system), so wiping them all out wasn’t a genocide the Emperor was willing to take on in the beginning of the Empire’s existence. Their home worlds would have been locked down and hyperspace travel to them highly restricted.

Other species that had fewer, natural Force-sensitive occurrences would fall under recruitment if they were strong enough in the Force (no mechanical measure for that in the game except for, again, Force Rating 1). They would be conscripted to be an inquisitor or join the Emperor’s Force cult, or become one of the Emperor’s Hands. Others may even be secretly recruited by Darth Vader as a possible Sith apprentice to replace himself if he ever took on the Emperor.

Eradication would be what happened to the Jedi, and any other Force-sensitive group that was a threat (and not a whole species) would most likely be targeted for death.

RE: Main question - If the two Force-sensitive party members did not use any Force powers during their fighting, there isn’t any way for the inquisitor to know they can use the Force, unless he succeeds on a Sense/telepathy upgrade check and the characters are actively thinking in their heads “Crap, I hope he doesn’t find out that we can use the Force”.

So, if you want him to do that, he needs the Sense upgrade, and it would be his Discipline against their Discipline or Deception (whichever is higher).

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Very nice input, thank you.
In fact, one of the force sensitives is a Miraluka, camouflaged as blind, with glasses, white can, ect.

They did not met the inquisitor, only saw him from away and the group wasn´t involved in the uproar, but now the town is sealed and the empire is searching for clues.