Force Talent: Move Control

We were talking about the Move Force Power today after gaming. Specifically the control upgrade that has this text: “The Force user can pull objects out of secure mountings or out of an opponent’s grasp.”

Is there any roll for pulling the object (for example a blaster) out of an opponents grasp? We’re seeing the scenario of a Force user with the Magnitude upgrade 4 times, throwing 5 blasters from our opponents at the start of each fight. If you only need 1 force pip to activate Move, and one to improve the Magnitude (with 4 upgrades, that would be 5 weapons), and possibly one force pip to upgrade range.

The Control upgrade used to damage using Move requires a Discipline check at least, but the Control upgrade for pulling objects out of opponents grasp doesn’t seem to have a check.

I guess it´s a Discipline vs Athletics check.

Yes and no. At GM discretion, Nemeses and plot-important (sometimes referred to as “named”) Rivals may resist Force power checks.

Minions may not, as a matter of RAW.

Great, thanks! I was hoping I was missing something.

I tried to find it in the book (Edge of the Empire) but I cannot seem to find it. Do you have the page number for the rule?

I think you’re going to have to look in FaD for that (Chapter VIII: The Force). If you don’t have it, I can try to summarize and/or write out those rules for you, but I’m not sure there’s any more to say than what I said above.

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Thanks! I have the book and the summary above is enough. I’m not playing the force sensitive character, so I thought the player would want to read up on the rules himself and that’s why I was looking for a page reference.

But I was just looking for the rule in the wrong book. We are playing an Edge of the Empire campaign, so that is my go-to core rulebook.

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When you need Force rules, it’s best to refer to FaD. The others are incomplete and what rules they do have are somewhat different.

Force and Destiny Core Rulebook Page 283.
The Dark Text Cube “Resisting Force Power Checks”

It’s Discipline for the character using the Force power, and up to the GM to choose what the opposing skill will be.