Force Trees for non-Force Users

Hi all,
another probably stupid question.
Is it possible for a non-force user to learn a Force Talent tree?
I would guess that the answer is yes, only that he couldn´t use the force talents.
Question came up because a player wants to make an Investigator and he wants to use the Sentinel - Investigator tree, especially for the Reconstruct the Scene Talent.
A sentinel teacher would be at hand, if that was an issue.

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Or edit the Tree into the (career choice) Investigator…e.g Colonist Investigator… taking the best bits from the Investigator Tree and some of the Bounty Hunter Trees

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They can purchase it, but cannot use any Force talents without a Force rating of 1 or better. They would still have to buy the Force talents, however.

Though I’m pretty sure Reconstruct the Scene is also in Bounty Hunter’s Skip Tracer tree?

Thanks to both of you and yes you are right Swordbreaker, the talent is also in the Skip Tracer tree.

So it would be possible to learn a lightsaber tree to gain talents like parry and defensive stance for a non force user?

Yes. Shii-Cho Knight is one of the better ones to do this, if I recall, due to fewer Force talents overall

Cool, did not thought about this one. Thanks again.

Once again you could mix it up with the Martial Artist to make a Melee/Archaic Weapons Master like (name eludes me from R1!!.. yes I should know better) so the PC has a full tree to choose from… you could also check out the Fantasy Conversion someone did… Edge of the Kingdom

Then, if the player is interested, they could make up a Signature Ability…

Well, the charakter in question is a Marauder/Enforcer at the moment.
Martial Artist looks good too though.

Having players buy into skill trees where they cannot use all of the talents can work sometimes, however I’ve seen this backfire where the PC needs to buy a talent that they are unable to use in order to get to the desired talent. What I’ve done in the past is allow players to learn specific talents without buying into the tree in a similar fashion to the mentor mechanic for force powers, but instead of a discount on the talent they are just given the ability to purchase said talent.

One of my players did the exact thing asked in the original post; she started Hired Gun and bought Investigator as a non-Force sensitive. That particular spec is cleverly designed in that it allows you to avoid all the Force talents if you don’t want them.

Well, I would make it clear to the player from the very beginning that if he chooses a Force User Tree as a non user he has to live with buying talents he cannot use.