Fortified Vacuum Seal & Customized Cooling Unit talents (Rigger)

The signature vehicle for my character is our group ship, a wayfarer transport. It has 32 Hull Trauma Threshold and 20 System Strain Threshold.

So these talents (costing 20 XP each) seems almost useless. Fortified Vacuum Seal increases Hull Trauma Threshold from 32 to 33, that will probably never make a difference in the game.
Am I missing something? At first I thought it would increase Hull Trauma Threshold by 1 per Silhouette, and that seemd fairly good. But when I re-read the talent it increased by 1.

Same goes for Customized Cooling Unit, an increase from 20 to 22 in System Strain Threshold won’t matter very often.

At 20 XP each they seems very expensive. But I do want the 25 XP talents that they are “blocking”. With the design of the Rigger tree I cannot get Reinforced Frame without getting Fortified Vacuum Seal for example.

I’d increase it by ranks of Bigger Project (or whatever it’s called) squared. Only “used” ranks would apply.

So with a sil 4 (1 rank) ship, that’d be 2 total. With a sil 5 (rank 2) ship, that’d be 5 total.

Sil 3 HTT goes from about 5-15.
Sil 4 HTT goes from about 20-30
Sil 5 HTT goes from about 40-60.

1 is about a 10% increase for sil 3.
2 is about an 8% increase for sil 4.
5 is about a 10% increase for sil 5.

I’d do the same for the SST talent, even though SSTs are typically a bit lower.