Forum Updates: Patreon Flair, Reactions, & More!

Hey folks - I wanted to update you on some upcoming additions to these forums. The activity that we’ve seen here has been really exciting, and we hope this place continues to be what you want it to be in terms of a Forum.

With that being said, we have a couple updates to put by you all, some implemented and others on the way!

1. Patreon Supporter Flair

For supporters of the Patreon we have a new flair for users to show off under their profile picture. It looks pretty neat. Check it out:


As these forums and the site have hosting costs of around $15 a month that we pay out of pocket, any recurring contribution helps to keep this site sustainably running in the long-haul. And we want to recognize the good folk that help us achieve this! You can find the Patreon here and the Ko-fi here.

2. Reactions

We’ve heard the “like” reaction isn’t cutting it in terms of the breadth of emotions you all want to express. In a coming update we’ll be rolling out a set of emojis to react to posts with. Let us know if you have any specific suggestions, or if you’re keen to emulate the FFG setup.

3. Who’s Online

A third major addition we’ll be rolling out over the next week is a “who’s online” tracker, to tell you if any other forum users are currently browsing. This is an exciting one!

Got any other ideas? Let us know below :arrow_down:


I’m keen to emulate the FFG setup.
Otherwise, my only suggestion would be my good friend Froggo:


I concur with the frog.

But I do think that allowing us to react to ones post in ways other than liking would be a great addition.

I agree as I already brought up the topic here :)
Though I’d leave behind the “confused” reaction. I suggest only keep the positive ones, “thanks”, “like”, “funny”. Maybe an “applaud” / “congratulation” or a “wow” / “amazing” emote for broader range, but that might be overdoing it :D


Like, Thanks, and a Funny pretty much covers it for me? I suppose a Wow would be ok, kinda a bigger Like?


The following changes have been updated today!

Online List:

  • At the top left of the forum, on the category view, recently online members will be displayed
  • New reactions are now available! They are :raised_hands: for thank you, :open_mouth: for ‘wow’ reacts, and :laughing: for your 'lol’s

Let me know if you have any feedback!


The numerical indicator next to the reaction is very hard to see in the light color scheme.

And on the dark scheme there is a white background on the emojis; would it be possible to get them with transparent background?


Fixed it up on both themes! Hopefully it’s looking better.


Looks great on dark!

I’ve traded out the :raised_hands: emoji for a :trophy: emoji to better indicate “thanks”.
Let me know if you all have any more feedback :slight_smile:


Is it possible to have a Heart symbol as a moment of thanks ? I mean sure we have it already as a form of favoriting the post, but still, FFG had it so why cant we ?

I think that the emoji for “Wow!” could be misinterpreted as “Confused” or “Astonished”, due to the open mouth. Are there other alternatives available for the “Wow!” reaction?

:star_struck: is an option that might work? Really any emoji we can throw up there, so the (emoji) world’s our oyster!

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Question – how long should it take for Patreon flair to show up?

Or is there anything specific we need to do to make it show up?

With regards to emojis, IMO the more, the better. Well, at least the positive ones. I would especially like to see a regular thumbs-up, which seems to currently be missing.

You should be good to go now! I can definitely include a thumbs up, I know a lot of people use the heart built into this discourse as a show of “liking” something, but hear hear, the more the merrier indeed.

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