Freezing (and thawing) in carbonite

Hello GMs and players and other gentlebeings!

I was wondering if carbonite freezing and thawing out has official rules somewhere innthe books?

Horrible Imperials overtook a PCs mansion and froze in carbonite her pet Nexu. Now she returns to his ancestral home and she’ll be surprised to find Dandelion in carbonite. How should I let them thaw it out?

Would you recommend check? Give it a temporarily blind critical?

Any idea is welcome!

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No, there are no official rules. But here are a couple topics that might prove useful to you.
This one is one of mine, a homebrewed system for carbon freeze prisoner transportation (like we see in The Mandalorian), and this one is not one I have read, but I stumbled across it when looking for mine, and it seems to be what you’re looking for.


Thank you! Honestly I forgot to check the archive at all.

The second is something I can use, but I’m going to think about it, how to interpret it to the Nexu. No need to overcomplicate for a single NPC. Maybe 1 roll, then that’s it.