Fun Little Custom Bike

My homebrew for a MandalMotors military speeder bike. I made it a long time ago, but was revisiting it and figured I’d share it. It’s a fun little build, and I really like it: Beviin | SWSheets

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Very nice, a few questions:

1- Is it designed to work in conjuction with other specific Mandalorian military vehicles?

2- How is it integrated to a military units TO&E (individual, squad, platoon…)?

3- What era (year) is this unit available, and who can purchase it?

Ah, all very good questions.

  1. Not really. It’s based off of the Balutar-class, but that’s only how it works mechanically and (sort of) looks. It isn’t specifically designed to function along with other vehicles, but I imagine a retrofitted Kom’rk could carry a couple of them in its belly (where the paratroop drop racks would otherwise be).
    It was designed as an export product, however, for sale to PDFs and the like.
  2. It would depend on the outfit using them. It would likely either be part of a dedicated unit attached to a company or battalion (probably a squad in the former, with four bikes and some support personnel, or perhaps a full two lances of bikes [10 total]). Sometimes it might be attached to a platoon’s command element, or perhaps linked to a “support squad” inside the unit. (Ex. In a Rebel rifle platoon I statted out, they have three rifle squads, but then a support squad with medics and technicians). Rarely more than one or two bikes per platoon, depending on the outfit’s needs (and bankroll).
  3. Clone Wars era. Probably several years prewar, advertised to PDFs and mercenary groups but could also be purchased by private citizens like bounty hunters, solo mercenaries, etc.
    I just went back and added “(R)” next to the price. That was an oversight on my part.
    There may be an unarmed version available for civilian purchase and use, but it’s intended as a military vehicle.