Future of Genesys

So what are people’s speculation on the future of the line? We know Twilight Imperium is getting a book next, and the possibility of more books in Android and Terrinoth, as well as taking from any IP owned by Asmodee.

I, personally, hope for a fully fleshed-out Steampunk setting. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, they aren’'t working on one.

Based on that interview from GenCon, it does seem like they weren’t planning to expand upon the steampunk setting. BUT, that doesn’t mean the question didn’t put a bug in Sam’s ear, so it could be a book later on.

I really hope Edge gets some publicity going soon. I think Genesys + Foundry is gold for us and them. It just seems not many know about it. If “Genefoundry” ever became mainstream in RPG circles, I think it could easily become a cash cow for Edge and make Genesys one of the primary RPGs out there, second only to d20.